Accident KO’s

So I think the majority of the community is now aware of this, but since the July update this system has been pretty inconsistent. Many environmental and accident knock outs like the fumigator in whittleton Creek, the AC in New York, sedative pills, fire extinguishers, rakes, etc. have started to cause the player to lose their silent assassin rating. MrFreeze2244 goes into a lot more detail here.


Is this an issue you are aware of @Travis_IOI, @Clemens_IOI?


@HungaryHippoe IO fixed a major glitch, found by @C2H6O in May, with July update 2.50 :

This bug was allowed by the introduction of accident KOs in April 2019. Overall, SA system is a bit more consistent now because IO fixed the 4-Stars SA detection bug too, explained by @clckr in this video :

Summary :

IO could reintroduce accident KOs without glitch in next patches, but with the risk of breaking the game again…


Ah, so that’s where my 4-star SA came from the other day. Thanks.

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Seems completely unintended to me. A big part of New York was showing off the new accident KO system, so I’m sure IO will reintroduce them once they fix all the bizarre bugs going on

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Yeah, accident KOs + SA was a great addition to the game since April, I have nothing against that. But I hope they will reintroduce that without any glitch or bug :crossed_fingers: