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While we know for sure when most of the game occurs thanks to events of Codename 47 and Blood Money, I was wondering if anyone knows when exactly Meat King’s Party and Beldingford Manor occur. The reason I ask is because Contracts isn’t in the same order as Codename 47, so you can’t just assume Meat King’s Party to be before or after the Lee Hong Assassination, for example.

I know there’s a timeline, and I looked it over, but it only says that 47 was remembering these missions, not when the actual missions occur. Because he was obviously remembering this stuff after the events of Curtains Down in Blood Money.


I suppose after Silent Assassin.


It could be, but I’d like to make sure is all. If anyone even knows. xD

The Meat King’s party probably is after Asylum Aftermath logically as 47 probably undertook it after, since both missions are set in Romania. It sounds logical to me.

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Maybe. But he could have come back to Romania also. It’s hard to tell, like I said. xD I didn’t find any clues inside the mission itself.

And what about Beldingford Manor?

In the mission briefing of The Meat King’s Party, Diana says: “It’s a pleasure to be working with you again”. This must mean that 47 took a break, and now he’s working with the ICA again. Maybe after the events of Silent Assassin?


From the top of my head:

  • The assassination of Lee Hong was his first job for the ICA. So both mission must’ve been taken place afterwards.
  • He left the ICA after the events of the first game and disappeared from the face of the Earth. It’s unknown whether this happened right after his escape from the Asylum or sometimes later.
  • He rejoined the ICA after the capture of father Vittorio.
  • His first contracts was the assassination of a Russian general in St. Petersburg. Afterward the client (Sergei) hired 47 to kill a few more generals.
  • 47 continued working for the ICA even after father Vittorio was recused.
  • “Death of a Showman”, “Vintage Year” and “Curtains Down” take place. After the last mission 47 got shot. He managed to reach the ICA safe house and passed out, dreaming about previous hits.
  • A doctor found 47 in time and took care of his injuries. 47 managed to escape from Paris and the rest of Blood Money took place.
  • Hitman: Absolution and Hitman™

That means Beldingford Manor and Meat King’s Party could’ve been taken place…

…during Hitman: Codename 47 after the assassination of Lee Hong and before his return to the asylum.
….after the confrontation with Ort-Meyer, but before the start of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Assuming that continued to work for the ICA for some time.
….during Hitman 2: Silent Assassin at some point after the assassination of the corrupt Russian generals but before the ICA accepted the hit on Sergei.
…after the confrontation with Sergei but before the start of Hitman: Blood Money.
…during Hitman: Blood Money before Curtains Down.


Besides the remakes from Contracts I believe that all the mission we don’t know takes place after Silent Assassin. And starting from the mission Flatline - Blood Money it starts to go normal.
I believe it starts from Flatline because Diana ask’s 47 how’s his wound. And lets not forget that the mission in Paris takes place when he was shot in Contracts.


So it seems most likely to occur some time between Silent Assassin and Blood Money for both missions, then. How much time elapsed between the two games (canonically, not release-wise)?

I always sort of thought they take place during Codename 47. I can’t really imagine them taking place during the events of Silent Assassin or after. Besides Hunter and Hunted of course.

Or maybe its just a way to welcome us from the developers. Nothing seems to make sense now.
Absolution looks to be in a whole new different timeline. This Hitman feels like a reboot. They are re creating the story with cutscenes flashbacks I think. Because of the end of this season I understood that in the next one we are going to explore more of 47 past. Like that man said on the train to Diana “You never stop wondering where he came from” and since he has a photo of child 47 I believe we are going to revisit a lot.

Absolution is the last in the time.I don’t get how you think otherwise.

I have to agree with the dude who said that hitman is about gameplay. Ioi stop screwing around and wasting your time with story making. You should give people sandbox, target alpha, target beta. Make it simple. I think it is cruel to force players to solve this hitman story puzzle.

There’s a flashback scene to Absolution in the prologue.


The Sanguine fashion show takes place in 2019


When exactly?

I think either devs are recreating the story or they just don’t pay attention to details at all if so.
Ok i know what you talking about know,it is 3 seconds as he kill that fat lard through the mirror,that was a target in absolution,but that still makes no sense.Why in hokkaido agent smith thanks hitman for saving him trice again?(he was saved 2 times in codename 47,1 in silent assassin,and once in blood money),also he was getting bald in blood money because of old age,and in hokkaido he has the same hairstyle as he had in codename 47 and in silent assasin and is appearing younger.

Same goes for 47 he is appearing younger and has his barcode on the back of the head.

47 shooting the mirror. The guy is Dom Osmond, a strip club owner and a target in Absolution. Absolution took place before Hitman(2016), and 47 was having a flashback.


Agent Smith didn’t appear in Absolution, so it’s either a continuity error or Smith suffered brain damage from his time in the freezer.

Also why you say he was having the flashback after the prologue?.They go into helicopter and then the cutscenes appear which can also mean what is happening after he joins the ICA but it doesn’t mean it is happening before,it could aswell means it is happening in between as a part of the whole timeline.

Look, I don’t want to debate you on this topic. Let’s just agree to disagree with each other.

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