Achievement(s) Glitched?

So… I’m a bit late replaying Hitman (2016) an Hitman 2 (actually a year late, even though i nevah finished H1). None the less, i’m going through H1 before attacking H2, an am currently in Marakesh. I’ve reached level 20 mastery, an completed all its mission storries, but the xb1 cheevo nevah popped??? Now i’ve yet to do the included the bonus mission that is included, as with all the maps, my gameplan is to complete the main story/challenge mission(s) on one map before moving forward, as i’m typically a story-based stealth gamer. So does that mean i should go through The House Built On Sand (Summer Bonus Mission) an complete those challenges as well for it to pop, or are they completely separate?

. Thanks in advance…

. JDumas

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The dev team claimed that this issue had been addressed. What you can try is to follow their guide in the patch note, which is completing “A Gilded Cage” fully once again without loading a save. Let us know if it rewards the achievement to you. Cheers!

Trophies and Tribulations
We have addressed a community-reported issue where trophies and achievements for completing Maximum location mastery were not awarded, despite players fulfilling the requirements. Upon launching the game with the 2.71.0 update installed, players are advised to launch the mission from the menu (do not load a save) and then complete the mission fully.

See the patch note here.


Thank you Yellow_ZR1. I plan to go back through all maps in one clean SA/SO run after obtaing mastery level for all maps of Hitman (2016) so as not to disturb story/cutscene continuity, so here’s hoping by that time it’ll all work out, just wasnt sure if i was the only one who had experience this type of issue.

. Thanks again.


Note to Devs…, I’m aware you will soon be leaving Hitman 2016 for continued support of Hitman 2 an the upcoming 3. None the less, I felt compelled to let you know that even after a clean SA/SO run for storycutscene continuity sake (Including summer bonus missions), I’m still having the same issues with achievements from the Landslide an A Guilded Cage missions not popping. So… whatever you claimed the patch fixed… wasnt fixed. I want it understood that I’m not complaining, just bring it to your attention. Cause I know how devs value feedback goo or bad. Happy holiday to everyone! An I look forward to what Hitman 2 an soon 3 have to offer. :v::wink::v:

Your knowledge is not complete or missing some parts.
HITMAN 2016 is not supported since the release of HITMAN 2 game in November 2018.
HITMAN 2 has been supported since it’s release on 9th of November 2018 and till December 3, 2019.
Starting from 3rd of December 2019, HITMAN 2 is not supported anymore.
All forces are thrown on developing next HITMAN game.

Just to remove confusement in your words

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My apologies…, I had heard something to that fact from some gaming friends, but none would confirm/deny that there was any truth. So… thank you for the confirmation an apologies for any un-intended confusion. :v:

So… I’m about to dive into the Ark Society mission as I do move on in the story till I have completed all mission stories an reach max rank. Now here’s my problem, I have essentially gone through both H1 AND H2 up to the last mission multiple times an have completed all the mission stories for every map, but even though I THINK I’ve gotten the points for it, the achievements have never popped. There are some areas (The Icon an Landslide) missions for example I’ve everything there is to do maxed everything out, but the cheevo for completion never popped even after 3weeks. There are even some mission in H2 (Mumbai an Whittleton Creek) where all mission stories are done, but no cheevo. Any suggestions on what could be going wrong. Thanks in advance :v: