Achievements for contract mode

I have recently bought Hitman Absolution on steam because i used to enjoy it a lot back when i played it on my old playstation. I thought getting all achievements and 100% completion would be fun, but it turns out there are 8 or 9 (not sure if one of them are related to contract mode) achievements that require you to play contract mode.
From what i have read the servers are down “temporarily” but no one thinks they will actually come back. Those achievements are the only thing stopping me from seeing the “100% achievements” i’m trying to get on most of my games.
I’m writing here because Steam does not support this kind of “problem”. It links me to the sit which does not have any support/help tab (unless i’ve totally missed it). I know this an issue very few people have since only a few people care about achievements but i was wondering if any of you would know what i can do with these impossible to get achievements or contacting some kind of support.