Additional map idea

The idea is easy. Its similar to miami, but what about to make a map like a champions leauge or fifa world cup final? And multiple targets with a football player as well.


Im gonna assume you mean Additional?

Set it in Brazil for some extra South American representation (Argentina would work as well, Boca and River Plate anyone?)

  • Disguise yourself as a sub, injure the target and get sent off to go offer your private apology in the medical wing
  • Disguise as the manager and sub the target off
  • Vuvuzela as weapon, triggers special animation upon executing a target with it (if you don’t know what a vuvuzela is, look it up and weep)
  • Away stands can only be accessed by disguising yourself as a fan of the away team
  • Dressing room can be meddled with for half time fun
  • Autograph signing event for added Opportunities
  • Target(s) can be drowned in a vat of Not-Gatorade
  • Football trophy-related assassination
  • Obligatory mascot disguise
  • Secondary or Tertiary target roaming the VIP boxes and boardrooms
  • Four sniping spots, one in each floodlight fixture
  • Teambus can be messed around with
  • Disguising yourself as a member of the away team allows you to use their teambus as an escape
  • Disguise yourself as VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and have your target sent off unfairly
  • Scoreboard can be sabotaged
  • Strandberg’s TV camera assassination from Marrakesh is recycled
  • You can knock out a NPC insisting on calling the sport ‘soccer’ with the rest of the crowd cheering you on
  • Blending in as a commentator in the VIP area will have 47 actually provide commentary, might lead to an Opportunity

Honestly, a football stadium is one of the most requested maps, and I can see why. Loads of potential.


When you put it that way I need it now. Hitman 3 must have a futbol stadium. Argentina Would be awesome.

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It was a good idea, isn’t it? :grin:

I had a thought. I know there are a lot of different different options about Colorado HM season 1. People either love it or hate it, I am born and raised Colorado and was excited when I saw this map but was disappointed when I played the level. Here in Colorado it’s real outdoorsy and we just got our first snow. I think it would be cool to have a new map for Colorado maybe like a ski resort or something to show the how beautiful Colorado is and not such a small limited map like what we got. I know there was a snow level somewhat with Hokkaido but it was more inside, or even a level in the Rocky Mountains!

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Sorry, i know this is an old post from banned member, but what does

means? Like i have some idea, just not sure if it’s the right one.

As he talks about football, most probably that means a reserve player.
Player that can enter the game from the bench on substitute.
Reserved players are dressed in training suits that drastically different from the in-game players’ uniform

Aha, thanks! Got no idea about sports.
I liked what was in my head better tho :laughing:


I think I know what you thought about, but this is hardly appropriate in this case :slight_smile:

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He’s not banned… He can come back in 3018 :wink:

And yeah @misterkiller is correct. In football, sub is short for substitute :smile: