Adjust freecam speed

I am a long time fan of Codename 47 and have enjoyed taking many screenshots and videos over the years. However I have never found the answer to a problem with the freecam.

Very often I will not be able to fly around with the camera, it will instead just shoot into hell like its at an extremely high speed setting, there have also been instances where it moves extremely slow or not at all… someone told me once that there are keys to increase/decrease the speed but I don’t know what they are. If anyone can answer this I’d greatly appreciate it.

so no one has any idea on how to fix this issue? … I would really like to be able to fly around with the freecam without the speed changing on me.

maybe I’m hitting a button that drastically increases the speed so when I try to fly around it shoots me way out of the level area into grey hell.

any suggestions appreciated