Aether: November 14, 2008 - September 23, 2019

For many on this forum this week is chalk full of excitement for many. The Resort gets released tomorrow for hopefully everyone, but this thread isn’t about HITMAN, but something that has been in my life long before HITMAN became one of the many games that signifies my own personality. I will be speaking about Treyarch Studio’s and their magnum opus known as the Aether Storyline formally known as Nazi Zombies or simply Zombies.

I’m not the person who buy’s the yearly Call
Of Duties because I don’t see the need to own every single one, but for me one thing I always anticipated was Treyarchs titles since they at one time delivered some of the more memorable and innovative titles within Call Of Duty for both critiques and consumers alike. One of these things was a bonus mode for World at War which was unlocked by simply beating the campaign. This would mark the beginning of something special for many. A horde based mode where you fight to service agains the undead Axis Power.

As more and more maps came out a story began to take place. Richthofen was viewed as bad, Samantha was evil, and we speculated on everything. As the years passed and we got more clarity but also more questions for many of us we’ve reached the end.

It started with Nacht Der Untoten (Night Of The Undead) and so it ends with Tag Der Toten (Day Of The Dead). And so this story draws to its conclusion along with the many memories I spent from when I was just a kid to now an adult. This is definitely gonna be one big week for me in gaming and I appreciate the memories that i had for this game mode that I played religiously for many summers.

Aether Ends Today.

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