After Carry over cannot progress to Apex Predator

Just as the title states, after the transfer completed this morning I cannot start Apex Predator.

My previous progress was “saved” to a degree, however, it de-leveled me and removed my ability to gain XP from doing the previously completed challenges prior to the merge. Equipment and some drop points work though, even if it says they’re not usable and the game would sometimes crash depending on what I picked if it was different from the starting choices. (fresh profile choices)

Before the merge “completed” fully, I was able to access all hitman 2 content and everything seemed to work.

Unsure what happened, but as it stands I can’t continue to play, the game will lockup and give me a breakpoint error.

The ridiculousness of this game launch just doesn’t stop does it. What platform?

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Error was on PC, I’ll probably have to wait a bit for a patch or a way to wipe my progress.