After last update Kaspersky AV delete launcher.exe with reason UDS:Trojan.Win32.Fsysna

After last upadate Kaspersky delete launcher.exe file from game, with reason UDS:Trojan.Win32.Fsysna.
Probably this is false positive by Kaspersky lab. Any fix for this ?


I suggest to fully uninstall it, delete all files, scan the computer in full and then reinstall the game.

Full new fresh copy windows 10 install 7 days before. Other players have same problem. After download update from Steam kaspersky just remove launcher.exe in quarantine.

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That sounds like a false alarm then.

I think you can whitelist files/folders for Kaspersky not to scan. You could do that with the Hitman folder and then redownload the Launcher. Note that this is a security hole and in the long run you should try to find a different solution.

Report the case to Kaspersky so they can take a look into this.


Thanks bro i will try that.

This issue has been reported on Steam Discussions and appears to be due to an minor update that was released today. I’ve tried adding the laucher and Hitman game directory to the Kaspersky Exclusions, but it keeps deleting the file when you start the game. Unfortunately, until this is fixed the only way to play is to pause Kaspersky protection. Which is less than ideal.


IOI added a crash reporter solution with the last update, and “Launcher.exe” is one of the files updated according to steamdb. It’s probably that. You guys should report this false positive to Kaspersky support to whitelist the file maybe.

Or I’m sure IOI will look into this issue quickly @Travis_IOI


I just saw this too

Strange thing. Didn’t even know there was an update.
Though my Skip Intro thing was suddenly reset on last launch, so maybe update is the reason.

But what might be the reason to KIS alert?

Temporary solution for that is to add HITMAN folder to exclusions list and make HITMAN\Launcher.exe file a trusted program.
Works for me

Before doing that disable KAS and re-download Launcher.exe and do all described above.
Then you can load up KAS again

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