After years and years I finally get to enjoy the privilege


She’s A’MINE!!!


round of applause for nite owl please


I’m an asshole, I know. First thing I noticed was the bombastic score in Hong Kong. Man, I miss Jesper Kyd.


This is, personally, the true hitman game.

Fight me.


No spoilers, just 4 seconds of welcoming words.


There is actually a secret way to get through the levels faster. What you wanna do is, press the following buttons in order: ~, G, O, D, Space, 1, Enter, Esc. That should help you out a lot. Again, its secret, dont tell anyone :wink:

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Bet you didn’t know that pressing alt-f4 and deleting system 32 unlocks the secret level at the end of the gamep


I tried it, and i think my computer broke. Help.


I’m sure everybody know this, but whatever.
Warning : read this only if you want to cheat.

Type “Kim Bo Kastekniv” as game profile to unlock all the mission from the start

BTW, Lee Hong Assassination, Tradition of the Trade and Plutonium Runs Loose are great missions.


Codename 47 is still the best Game in the series for me, i love it.


It’s slightly better than Blood Money, but still worse than Absolution

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I am not the oldest hitman fan, my first game was absolution ( I know I’ve heard it all before) but having played codename 47 I really struggle to enjoy it. It’s graphics are basic, controls are awful, and more things I won’t list here. Are you sure your enjoyment of the game isn’t pure nostalgia?


I am prefer these game over absolution and 2016 with 2019 Hitman. Screw away the Instinct feature. Map with red dot yellow dot blue dot exclamation point all the way is better! Need that kine map for the code 47 game the first.


That’s how nostalgia works, to be fair. If a person becomes a fan of a franchise in 2019, of course games released in the early 2000s are gonna seem horribly basic. I started with the Triple Hit Pack for PS2, and even then I instantly picked out Blood Money (the newest at the time) as the best.

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H:C47 is good not only for nostalgia reasons.
It has the best:

  • Story
    The lore of the Five Fathers overarches the missions is infinitely more interesting than anything that comes after. The story of 47s missions themselves, and the reasons for them are equally brilliant. I have yet to see something as engaging as the Hong Kong campaign in which you have to kill emissaries and police offers just to get to your main target.
  • Inventory system
    You can scroll through your inventory, preselect the item you want and pull it out of your pocket all without pausing the game.
  • Music
    Jesper Kyd at his purest and best.
  • Mission design
    All missions offer a different challenge. Sniping, bombing, gunning down, fibre wiring, social stealth, compass coordination, speed, covering, puzzle. Even with the very strong disguise system, each mission manages to remain difficult enough without resorting to cheap tricks, because each mission can also be mastered to perfection. Contains the definitive Hitman mission with “Traditions of the Trade”.
  • Rating system
    Being money paid for a job well done with the right tools and less cleaning up. It’s just the most realistic one to date. While Hitman is all about freedom and remains to be so, the rating system has as an effect that some playthroughs are considered better than others, and thus subtly directs you towards playing a certain way. H:C47 doesn’t need this for replayability but offers just as many approaches to do it SA.
  • Sniper briefcase and animation
  • Diana
    Just letters on a screen. No drama, no handholding, only mystery.

This reminds me of that time I played metal gear solid 1 and I thought I was a fan of the series so I bought every single game in the series and realized they all suck compared to the first one IMO. Anybody who could sit through Hideo Kojima’s choppy directing style with really confusing cinematics is just blessed. It’s a real shame because I really wanted to enjoy it too.

But it was opposite for me with C47. I Played it after the rest and before HITMAN and it is amazing. I think the atmosphere C47 has and it’s originality sets it apart from the rest. And I Believe MGS1 is the best Metal Gear game as well.

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Personally I enjoy H2 SA soundtrack but that because it was fully orchestrated and I love fully orchestrated soundtracks.

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