Again about the freezing of Hitman 2

Good evening,
I was on Steam to find out what is now the problem why Hitman 2 2018 does not work at most.

I took out points 1 and 2 because it was in the discussions.
Point 1 is exactly what happens to me, so maybe something to work on.

My game suddenly crashed for no apparent reason.
When loading my current save game - the Mumbai slum mission - I can play for about 5 seconds and then the game freezes and crashes to the desktop.

I have not changed any components, changed my graphical settings and used no third-party software to influence the game files.
I have also doubly assured that my GPU drivers are up-to-date, whatever they are.

These crashes have never happened so often or so often before.
I literally come out of the loading screen for 5 seconds and freezes immediately and crashes.
Then the game synchronizes for a few seconds and I have to restart it.
The same thing happens every time and I’ve tried more than 10 to see if it was random.

Any idea what caused this?
Did the most recent patch break anything?

Many people have this problem now and on different cards.
Apparently this is caused by many NPCs being unconscious (and can be solved by loading an earlier save and killing the unconscious NPCs.)
In its current form, the game is virtually unplayable if you disable many NPCs.
That is good to know and seems to solve the problem for me.

If the save file is one where you’ve KO-ed so many NPC’s and have hundreds of items in inventory the game can get less and less stable.

Last patch didn’t stop vast majority from playing ET No. 3 even on duplicate accounts.

Okay thanks but my problem is still not solved.