Agency pickups?

how come in HM:C there was almost no agency pickups? the only one I remember was in traditions of the trade, being diana’s note. were there just some I missed, the wikia doesn’t show any for contracts. was there meant to be more but the game was rushed?

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They weren’t planned.

Mystery solved. :sparkles:


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They just weren’t implemented yet. It’s possible to carry guns out of missions and use them as unlocks in Contracts (I believe, can’t remember specifically how it works anymore), but it was only in Blood Money where the option was there to both smuggle in stuff and smuggle stuff out (by placing it in the ICA crate). The new game allows you to smuggle stuff in but not out, probably because you can’t unlock things the same way anymore and there aren’t any penalties for leaving ICA weaponry lying around the level like in Blood Money.

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Darn, I wish there were the agency pickups like in hitman 2. It felt pretty cool playing the levels for the first time and finding out what interesting goodies are in the pickup!

Out of curiosity, is there any lore behind the pickups? Is it ever mentioned who puts them there? Is there a third party outside of the Assassins or the Handlers that help with mission setup? I doubt they would pay ordinary people to place suspicious boxes at high-security locations.

probably black market blokes, or some other ICA guys