Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


Honestly that really annoys me about H6 too, if you’re masked in Colorado or in Hokkaido I think the guards shouldn’t recognise you. I know that would make it a lot easier though.



Some guards/people IRL can actually see the difference in a way the person handles themselves without seeing their face. A cook who moves like a trained military man may give some thing out if you pay enough attention.

That’s why having “enforcers” has more logic rather than “all the same dudes suspect you”.



Sure, you’re right. But you’re still not saying anything that’s better than telepathically knowing who will know you and who will not. See the difference?

I never said it’s bulletproof realistic. I just said it’s more realistic than h6. :sunglasses:



Switch off the enforcer markers and you’ll have your realism. But it won’t be fun, will it?

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Well why not? you are putting yourself inside someone else’s head and that’s false. You don’t know who will know you or who will not. How do you know that it isn’t 1 company that is doing business there and ya, they all know each other. And considering 47 isn’t Asian, uhhhh, what do you think? Lol.

You’re looking at it through the wrong perspective. As I said, go put on a cops uniform and walk into a police station, I guarantee you’ll act more like absolution than h6.



Join us here. We’re having a blast.

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You can just turn that off though, no telepathy anymore.

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You don’t need to be asian to work in Chinatown, and I guarantee you food vendors are not introduced to every single other food vendor when they are hired :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m cool with having enforcers, I just don’t think they should recognise you with a mask, or at least not as quickly as they recognise you without one. Plus 47 is trained in social stealth so he knows how to blend in and fake the part.



That would have been a neat detail.



Lol. I already said that. You might have missed that.


You and @BernardoOne are TOTALLY not catching what I’m saying. I’m not talking about the GAME mechanic. I said it’s more realistic as to how 47 or ANY TRESPASSING HUMAN IN REAL LIFE would act. Man, they do the exact same thing in movies. Lol.

I reiterate, if you put on a cop uniform and walk into a police station, you WILL act more like AB than H6.
Are you guys seriously saying that you’d walk towards other cops slowly and “wait and see” if they suspect/question you rather than hide your face (forget the hiding under your cap animation. Let’s say it’s turn your face so you’re not seen instead) and try to walk past/away?

I’m talking real life here (realism) not game mechanics. I already know and have said h6 does it better for the game. :roll_eyes::joy:



Yet again, you’re putting yourself into someone else’s head. You can’t do that. I’m saying if you put on a uni in any company, go walk in, you think you (as in you, BERNARDO. You as a human person on this earth), will act like h6? No a chance. Lol.



I think we need to complain about something truly important, like how unrealistic Hitman GO is…

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well, if we are talking real life, people who actually do real social stealth don’t bother hiding their face



Imo, IOI should add canon Hitman universe timeline on official website .



I’ll have to watch that.



Well yeah, Hitman All Caps fails in that regard. Problem people are having is that they’re retconning previous lore to connect to this new story. “Everything is connected”, yay.



This is bad. This is very very bad. And if its true its connected with Hitman game story it makes it even worse.

I’m a bit afraid now they are going to rebot 47 whole origin story.



When you are not 47, everyone is an enforcer. Just like in Absolution. :wink:



Has anyone else read the comic yet? It basically confirms that…


…Ort-Meyer was working with Providence, that the Shadow Client is another clone and that the friend he ran away with was 47.

Also 47 having a rabbit pet is still canon. But how he got it and what happened to it is different than it was in the Ort-Meyer files.