Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book




Ok but why is the fucking rabbit smiling at 47 like he’s Snow White


Post it in the memes thread as well


What happens with the rabbit?


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Comic is fine. Nothing groundbreaking but a nice addition to the new / revised canon.
And by this I mean: it’s okay, not good, not at all. But I crave more Hitman. But see my other post for that. :smiley:

I’m going to play the old HITMAN games once my Steam Controller arrives, then I will have a good comparison between the old and new canon.

Never really delved much into the old canon, always just played the games for the gameplay. Especially considering how utterly boring Blood Money’s story was…


According to Ort-Meyer’s diary, one of the lab rabbits ran away and 47 kept it as a pet. It died a few years later and some of the asylum staff saw 47 crying about it, and reported it to Ort-Meyer. Ort-Meyer noted it as the first time any of the clones had cried.


Well yeah, I was wondering what happened in the comic. You said it was different.


Oh, sorry. Well as you can see from the panel posted above, 47 releases the rabbit into the wild and tells it to make lots of babies.


Credits to @Mnemosyne


Hi, I’m back to rant again!


How did tiny Diana break this huge guy’s wrist because her father “taught her self-reliance”?
Her aunt’s family looks poor, but Diana’s family was wealthy. Does this mean she no longer had the “patrician” upbringing that makes her so classy and refined? Her game persona is at complete odds with the comic one.
Does this mean Diana never even went to Yale or Oxford?
Why did she have to break out of the hospital to go to her parents’ funeral?


Come on guys, feel the story. That was pathetic. Come on. - The Hitman Community

I mean, couldn’t IOI at least have told us there was gonna be a full lore reboot?


I would have liked a boring born-into-this past of Diana, just like 47, but more secured. For me she always was way too self-controlled to have such a past like it seems in the comic. A story about this comfort zone breaking (because of the Shadow Client, without having a past with Diana but with 47 only and dragging her into it) would have been more interesting to give her character a way to develop and getting closer to 47. Not emotionally but in the understanding way how both are alike and got into their professional relationship like they are now.


I mean, sure. I’m definitely salty about it.


I don’t suppose @JP14_M will be back here anytime soon.


Well if it is canon it is not his/their fault but IOI’s. :slight_smile:

Maybe we only get the GOTY game because they want to make it even. Works for me!


To be honest, I don’t really blame anybody. I’m not impressed but I’m not as let down as I was with past stories.


I wonder, does “Providence” in this conversation mean "Meant to be."or is 47 actually referring to that organisation?


So, can we pretty much confirm the Shadow Client is a clone (6) after this? ‘Salt Protocol’ does sound awfully similar to the scene described in ‘Old Friends’, after all.


@SayaRin The comic later confirms he means the organisation.

@Silverballer I’m guessing this confirms the Shadow Client is 6 because of the farmhouse