Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


I think she has some sort of metal bracers under her sleeves.

Based on the current character development in this comic 47 and Diana’s first encounter would probably be like:

47: Wow she’s a tough one.
D: What you lookin’ at, pervert! (cracks knuckles)


This version of 47 probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. But he would kill a nazi.

47 is AntiFA confirmed


New info: Diana can time travel!


Or – the writers managed to forget how old they had made her… in the same issue.

Plus the ICA are still being called the International Contract Association in the blurb… the ICA have been the Agency since the very beginning. Guys, come on. Is this a really early April Fool’s?


Lol how does a writer get something like that wrong?
ICA is mentioned in literally every game.
Unless it’s their choice to change it because its part of some weird reboot idea…


The Swiss Cheese design was for the games guys… your plot doesn’t have to be full of holes too…


Splitting hairs, aren’t we?
How about the name is International Contract Association but it is an agency? Would that hurt?

@Travis_IOI I really don’t know how you can hold it out here sometimes. But my absolute respect to you!


I don’t know how much you know about the lore, but the ICA has been the Agency in every game. For the writers to call it the Association shows how little research they’ve done into what they’re writing about. That’s my whole point.

Travis isn’t writing the comics so I’m not sure what you mean by the shoutout, but no one has been rude here. This forum is all about discussion and feedback.


This is a complete catastrophe. Everything I liked about 47?The cold,detached ruthless killer?Done. Diana’s unique backstory? Dead. All the mistery surrounding the Shadow Client?Strangled with an invisible PLOT FIBER WIRE. What the hell is this mess? HOW did they manage to get the ICA’s name wrong?Fuck it. Might as well make the movies canon too. MAKE EM ALL CANON DAMNIT. Have Victoria slay a bunch of bondage loving priests with a minigun. Intertwine Saints Rows story with Hitmans. HAVE ANOTHER WRESTLING MATCH,WITH ZOMBIE SANCHEZ.
but…maybe there’s hope?
I mean,they can fix this…right?

I better get my goddamn briefcase for putting up with this comic book sheananigans :expressionless:


IOI really needs to make a Canon universe list after the comic books is completed.
Or just tell fans Hitman(2016) is a reboot.

It seems C47 and Absolution are non-canon now.


My worst fears have been confirmed: nothing but a bunch of HINOs and IOIINOs.


I honestly wish I could say that I’m surprised here but, I seen this all coming from a mile away… I mean I had high hopes for these comics. I so badly wanted it to be good, but like I said… I knew it would turn out this way.

I really don’t care what they say in these comics. These are NOT canon in my eyes.


oh man. white000, the hitman lore expert is gonna have a field day tearing this shitty comic apart


Unpopular opinion: White is going to hate everything new anyway no matter the quality.

The comic is still shit, though, no matter who looks at it.


wait, if the shadow client is apparently clone 6 then why tf is he bald in the comic but has hair in the game 30 years later

good god this comic makes absolution look like the work of shakespeare


This comic make my hype for Season 2 decrease by half.

I’m serious.


“And don’t call me Shirley”


Hair implants…



I read a long while ago that a bunch of liberals on Portland had a mexican food restaurant closed down on charges of cultural appropiation because the owners were two american women who had no ancestral connection to mexico, or mexican employees.


Mine was already low due to economical reasons and my personal perspective of Season 1 being a big letdown.

I can almost guarantee I’m not going to keep buying games or any other media from this franchise in light of these recent events. Will probably have to start looking for some other forums to be at (again).


So he refuses to be BFF (Bald Friends Forever) with 47 huh. What a traitor. :triumph: