Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


Oook,so here’s what we are gonna do. Imma swipe this comic under the ruuug,oook,and no one is ever going to mention it as canon ever again?Ok?Perfect.


Sorry, I was just furious yesterday because I simply don’t get why someone would make a fuss about an organization’s name. The abbreviation is still ICA and that’s what I call the place. I don’t recall them saying it was International Contract Agency in HITMAN (2016)?

I definitely know where every single complain or concern is coming from, absolutely do. It’s not that I’m sitting here in my darkened room and like to troll Hitman fans on the internet. :slight_smile:

As I said in my other post about the comic itself, I never delved much into the backstory of Hitman. I know the basics and actually never properly played Contracts.

The shoutout to Travis was just because of the elitists thinking that is going on in this place.
(Disclaimer: I know it is the internet and that it’s everywhere.)

I am just a bitter fan of the new HITMAN game that is just glad that he got another proper HITMAN game (whatever someone else will say…) after the hot mess that was Absolution. And that the Hitman franchise is continuing after all that horror fest we got when Square Enix dumped IO Interactive.

Besides, it’s not as if they changed his complete backstory to this:
“47 was a freak at a circus where he accidentally killed someone thus finding out he was a born killer. Then he turned to the ICA where Diana, a former stripper turned agent handler, became his entry ticket into the world of assassination.”

That would be worth raging over. And that’s what’s going on in this thread, it’s pure rage, very little discussion.
It makes a difference if someone writes “The comic is a steaming pile of shit” or "The comic is not for me as an old Hitman fan."
The old story still stands. It didn’t vanish. And whether 47 cried over a bunny or showed his emotion another way also doesn’t matter in the overall story. That’s called nitpicking not constructive criticism.

The comic is clichéd throughout AND not good, not good at all. It’s merely okay.
I mean 47 and 6 going to … Paraguay was it? … to kill former nazis? Lame because nazis are so easy to hate. It doesn’t connect me further to the characters and came across as gratuitous violence.


Maybe… That will come later? Just maybe?

You can’t expect to get every answer to every question in the first issue, no?




It’s ok, and thanks for coming back to me. I’m making a fuss about it because it’s one detail in a long line of details that show me the comic writers have been careless with the source material and they don’t seem to care too much about consistency. Which is ironic, as the point of the comics was supposed to “align” all previous lore.

Of course it could be a lot worse. Maybe it will get even worse. But myself and a lot of other fans are definitely saddened by the fact that these characters, who do have so much potential, have been watered down to this extent. Particularly when the comics were also supposed to put more meat on the story.

You say there’s more rage than discussion here, and while there’s certainly a lot of anger and disappointment at what we’ve seen so far, I think there’s been some good discussion too of why people feel this rendition of canon is a let down.

The old story still stands in some respects, but in just the first issue of this comic we have had details from C47 and Absolution ripped to shreds, so there could be more of the original lore changed. I am disappointed, and I have no problem voicing that. I’ve been a fan of this series for a long time, and the writers coming into it are new and inexperienced with the games. I think it’s obvious that fans would have problems with this kind of retconning. Particularly when the result is this clichéd. I know you said you don’t care much for the lore yourself, but other people definitely do. See White’s stuff, for example.

Overall, I am ecstatic that IO have retained the rights to Hitman and that Season 2 is in the making. But that doesn’t mean I’ll cheer if 47 and Diana are turned into clichéd shells of who they used to be.


Thanks for your answer. Very much appreciate that. :slight_smile:

I would care if I had gotten into it.
That’s probably my dilemma now, if I replay the old games and dig the lore I will have to ignore the new one.
I read White’s stuff and it was most certainly an interesting read.

Maybe I’m just getting grumpy and cannot enjoy anything anymore. :smiley:
I’ll come back to this post after I replayed the old games.

And yeah, 47 and Diana turning into clichéd characters is really not what we need.
Although IO did a fine job in HITMAN (2016), I think.


Just read the comic, i was not a fan. I don’t mind that the comic serves as origins to both Diana and 47, however i really hate the fact that 47 and 6 were involved in the Burnwood family incident. It becomes to connected and rather laughable, i would have skipped the hole unseen connection between Diana and 47. I would not go so far an call it “bad”, but rather mediocre and a step down in comic. In my eyes they are exploring parts of the past that never need exploration or rather connecting things that shouldn’t be connected.

Also i hated the artstyle, to me it was sloppy looking and the dialog was boring. The only thing i liked was the conversations between 47 and Ort-Meyer.

I don’t hope the Diana and 47 plot point comes up during season 2, it’s a part of the comic i want to ignore. In my eyes everything that outside the game i consider non cannon, the same goes for Ort-Meyers diary, the I.C.A files trailers from absolution, books and so on. Now i only count what is presented in game as canon.


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Low effort bait.


You are absolutely right mate. This was a very weak attempt on my part


These are actually very good part of the original lore. Makes sense and are far more consistent. Makes you think they did their homework. Plus the team back then (absolution) had few of the original writers brought back in as concept writers.
Both Morten Iversen and Peter Gjellerup Koch (writers for Codename 47 and blood money)


I 100% agree with this statement; but in terms of what happens in the universe, i have only begun to count on the information that is given directly inside the games. Here something like the files in Absolution that mentions Dr. Ort-Meyer and his work and how it correlates to Dexter Industries own human trials or Ort-Meyers letters from Codename 47. Because in my eyes it’s the part of the canon they can’t temper with without rebooting the universe, where the Ort-Meyer diary was part of a H2 homepage that no longer exists and there for become the stuff of legends.

In my eyes the comic has the same status as the books, non canon, but exists in some kind of grey zone.


Damn,after this beautifully written comic I sure can’t wait to see what kind of ground breaking story they got in store for us next! Golly,I hope the next one is about 47 and Diana’s love relationship with detailed sex scenes like in 50 shades of grey,but maybe we discover plotwist that in reality Diana is a clone as well! Oh that would surely be an amazing character development. I hope Victoria also turns out to be a male african apache helicopter sent from the future to kill 47 like I speculated otherwise imma be disappointed. Lovin’ the reboot so far.



Damn, IOI is really striking out with this comic if people are actually saying they’ll stop supporting the franchise because of the mess they’re creating. I’m guessing this will either be a short lived series or if it gets picked up by the comic reader community they’ll face the dilemma of having to choose between one crowd or the other. I wonder if IOI does actually have a say regarding the comic’s future, if they didn’t just rented the Hitman IP to Dynamite (as another source of revenue) with IOI only acting in an advisory role for the comic’s plot direction. It seems that the comic is aimed toward comic book readers rather than Hitman fans, replace Agent 47 with someone else and you get your average superhero comic.

In any case I doubt the comic will have an impact on S2, the game plot was likely layed out for multiple seasons since pre-production of S1, while the comic idea came into existence after the split from SE. I think they will use the comic to create story arcs for which there’s no room in the games. So people will be able to safely ignore whatever happens in the comic and the story in the games will still make sense.


Well,in the last cutscene from HITMAN we did see photograph of young 47 so I suppose season 2 will explore his childhood just like comic book did (I think Vogt even said that in one of the interviews)


That actually makes it worse, because it means the crappy (to me is more like “meh”) origin story was IOI’s idea from the beginning and not the comic writers. Although I assume they intend to make some references to 47’s and 6’s childhood friendship in dialogues between them two or between 47 and Diana after the SC is identified. I hope they’ll not waste resources making cutscenes of that ugly child…


But this is the only way it makes sense. I can hardly believe “random” comicartists decided what story their game has.


If the game doesn’t delve into the childhood story arc then the events portrayed in the comics could be mainly the handiwork of the comic writer following IOI general plot guidelines. But if we get to see the same stories appear in both the game and the comics than the comic writers had a lot less freedom with the plot and the story was meant to be like this from the start. In that case all this anger is misdirected.


You didnt read it properly, since the issue was that they were stealing actual recipes.


I’m not even considering this comic book. But I am sorry for the people working on it if they lose their jobs.
The only thing I hope now is that they mantain the original story 47 had since Codename 47 because it gets more and more clear that they are rebooting the game.