Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


I don’t understand the complaints about this comic? It’s a reboot, no? If it is, it doesn’t need to align with anything that has been done before. ICA can mean ice carrots apricots. lol. That’s what a reboot is. Heck, they rebooted Batman so many times that now he flys.

So the comic isn’t wrong.


Just by looking at the drawings, there’s no way the girl in the hospital or at the funeral is the same age as the one beating up the thugs. I’ll assume saying that she’s still 13 is a brain fart on the writer’s part. Also I find it mildly funny that 47 is wearing a Adidas tracksuit.


I’m pretty sure the vast amount of complaints in this thread have been about the fact that H6 was not supposed to be a reboot, and IO were very clear about that. So this retconning is weird. And just bad writing overall.

I thought it was interesting how White mentioned that Diana’s character arc in the comic is very similar to another Christopher Sebela character – Callie Boudreau, who, according to White, completely changes her life and becomes a criminal after she realizes she has nothing left to lose. Seems like this is a writer’s pet trope. But it makes no sense for Diana’s character.

This whole, swallowed by darkness, I will avenge my parents with the badass skills my father taught me… it’s like Katia in the movie, not Diana. And Katia was a terrible, empty character.

Rule #1: A character does not have to be broken to make them interesting. Particularly not if your other lead character (47) is already broken.


Anyone know the Van Hellsing anime/manga? When I saw it years ago the female character Integra seems to be the kind of person I hoped Diana will turn out on this franchise. Well without the typical japanese cultural clichés. Maybe she will, but the past shown in the comic are not fitting to this.


H6 isn’t a reboot. What are you talking about? The comic is, though. They are two different things.

This is exactly what I’m saying. Since it is a reboot, why can’t it be Diana? That’s her character/history in the “reboot”. You saying “this isn’t Diana” is wrong because if you’re following this reboot, there is no history to Diana, so how can you say that’s not her when she has no prior history to go off of?? cuz you know, ITS A REBOOT. LOL.


But Hitman games are going to follow the story set out by the comics. What we saw in H6 and the comics (Providence, Shadow Client etc.) will continue to unfold in Season 2 using the story of the comics as canon. So if the comic is a reboot, so is H6 and Season 2.


But THIS game came BEFORE this comic. So that isn’t true in this case. THIS comic just took some things from the game and made their own reboot story out of it. So even though there’s the SC and providence, the reboot can still give them entirely different stories/history. That’s what makes a reboot, a reboot.


You understand that Season 2 and 3 is using the story from the comic as canon, right? Does that mean you think Season 2 and 3 will be reboots but Season 1 is a standalone? Because that makes no sense.


i think it really all comes down to IO underestimated how many people actually cared about the story


First, is that confirmed or an assumption? We have no info in S2 & 3 so I’ll assume the latter. How ironic in my part. (Assuming you assume Lol).
And second, What comic? It can’t be this one cuz this is a reboot and an origins reboot, for that matter. Are there any other comics to follow other than this one? I don’t follow the comics so what did S1 follow?


You might want to read this:

There are three issues planned for the comics so far, I think. IO have said they will be canon and will be integral to the game story.


They story for S2 is set in stone and it’s a direct continuation from S1, it won’t change because of the comic. Season 3 will most likely also continue the story from Season 2 unless there will be a gap in the story between the seasons with the comic being used to fill the gap. At most I believe we will see hints at the comic storyline in the game. The comic is simply used to rewrite the origin story and expand the overall storyline of Agent 47 with stuff for which there’s no room in the game.


I really hope so, because then I can ignore the comic. But, I don’t think that will happen. Because IO have said they are working with the comic writers to make sure the story of the comics aligns with the story they want to tell in the games. So the fact that 47 killed Diana’s parents will probably come out in some dramatic reveal in the games, as will the Shadow Client being another “clone” – particularly as the end of H6 had Diana talking to Providence and looking at a picture of 47 as a boy.

That’s the problem most of us are having with this. The rewriting and retconning of the origin story into something this mediocre.


I simply don’t think they will intertwine the stories in any significant way making it impossible to follow unless buying into the other medium. It would be dumb to ask people looking to buy season 2 that they have to buy the comics also in order to understand the story. I think the plot points covered by the comic will be finished in the comic. The fact that the Shadow Client might be another clone was running theory ever since Colorado.

I’m actually surprised that there are supposedly only 3 issues, there’s not nearly enough to expand the story beyond the origin story.


Exactly, that’s why I’m worried it will come up in a big way for S2. But, hopefully not. IO said the comics and game can be enjoyed separately, but I think that’s because some people don’t care too much about story when playing Hitman. I feel like the plot points set up in the comics will definitely come into play in the game, just the comics allow for a lot more expansion simply because of their medium.

Maybe there’s more? I think it was just three issues planned. Perhaps more will be commissioned depending on success etc? I’m not sure though.


What I meant is that Shadow Client will likely be another clone with or without the comic, they were hinting towards this possibility since S1, the comic didn’t had time to change the story in S2. The comic only tells us in advance that he’s Subject 6.


Oh, gotcha. I mean that’s an annoying enough retcon in itself, unless they say he got plastic surgery or something.


can someone explain to me why they think anything presented in this story is any worse or takes away from the established lore? its not like the story was well established masterpiece before as far as I know…


These are some good reads if you’re interested in the lore and the inconsistencies the comic brings up so far:




thanks for the links!