Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


I originally stated that I was going to ride this out for the next couple of comics but after finally reading this one…now I’m not so sure. Diana’s background is largely untold which gives the writer some wiggle room and I know there’s a process to molding her character into the one we know and love today, but with who she is in this comic, it’s hard as hell to see it. Basically who she was as a child doesn’t seem to match with who she becomes.

Her life damn near mirrors 47’s, and what the writer doesn’t seem to understand is doing this is killing what makes her stand out from him in the first place. For the record, I do believe she’s done some things that she’s not proud of in her life, such as murder for instance, but the comic really over exaggerates it, probably thinking all the action is more entertaining.

This plus other not so minor changes are…of poor taste. If fact, it kind of makes me want to write my own back story for Diana.


I personally loved the setup of her background in the Absolution files. A patrician upbringing matches her game personality perfectly. Plus her family background and education made her life such a stark contrast to 47.

Plus with the death of her father and sister, there was still plenty of drama and intrigue to explore instead of the orphan trope in the comic.


Yeah, her Absolution file gave me some ideas for sure. No details on how her father and sister died, but I can work some stuff out.


I thought it was especially interesting that the ICA had the exact date of her father’s death, but not her sister’s. They also had her father’s death certificate – so that’s weird. Makes me think there was more to her father’s death. Her sister died at age 27 with just the year given (during Silent Assassin), so perhaps she was in an accident or had an illness. There’s a lot of potential for sure, without turning Diana into a tragic orphan who also happens to be a badass kung fu master.


Agreed. To me she’s always been more brain over brawl when dealing with situations.


One wonders if they’re using this as some sort of “narrative test bed” for various ideas they might explore in the future, gauging interest and reaction to different places they could take the games going forward. If that’s the case I hope the largely negative response makes them reconsider their approach a bit.

Leaving things to the imagination is a very old trick to make something more interesting, but it works. Hitman has always been a little mysterious with certain aspects of its lore, which was part of its charm. Going back and not only filling the gaps, but doing so in such a sloppy fashion, robs the series of its intrigue and only results in a lot of frowns for anyone who followed the story in more than one game in this franchise. See also: almost any other prequel ever made.


I think they are only filling holes in 47’s story, not rebooting series. But I prefer it happens with videogames, not with comics. A game placed before escape from Asylum, or between escape and arriving at ICA Headquarters in Hitman 6 could be cool. But I’m afraid that with the comics this possibility has gone away


Indeed! Why would they kill what makes her different from 47 in the first place?She is a goddamn handler not an agent why would they have her know how to fight in the first place?


Damn reading this thread is depressing af.


True. I mean how long did it take for us to even see her face?


That’s easy: Because the writer believes more action equals more excitement. But as I said before, there’s a process to mold her into the handler we know, trials and tribulations she has to go through. The comic is simply mistaken on how to get there.


As far as I can tell, the problem isn’t that the comic doesn’t follow the original lore. The problem is that it’s over-the-top, cliche, and often poorly written. The tone of H6 and the tone of the comic simply don’t mesh.

The characters in the comic don’t act at all like their respective characters from the game. I understand that people can change as they get older, but it seems like every major character suddenly had a huge shift in personality from the events in the Comic to Season 1.

It’s not that the comic is “Breaking the sacred lore.” It’s that the new story seems far weaker by comparison. It’s dull, uninteresting, unoriginal, and unimaginative.

That being said, the direction of the story in H6 seemed solid. If this “reboot” story was already completed and considered when IOI made S1, then it’s been done much more seamlessly and far more maturely.


I have high hopes for season 2 to still save the story and take it in a good direction. If not,I still look forward to the levels.


I totally agree, although it was also a problem for me that the original lore wasn’t being followed, as that suggests to me that this is a reboot rather than a continuation. But overall, I wouldn’t care too much if there was a reboot of the lore so long as it was done well. But as you said, the “everything is interconnected” trope along with an orphaned, kickass Diana is just weak, and both the game and the lore deserve a lot more.

I agree H6 kept the characterisation pretty consistent with the other games, so I have no idea how the comics are going to attempt to turn these characters around.


Even though the comic is canon I still have a feeling that,with it not really fitting H6s atmosphere,it won’t factor a lot in the story. Not too much at least.


I really hope so! Otherwise, I just cannot fathom the tone of the next game.


I know right?The game felt like a wierd mix of spy thriller and,in some parts,the actual hitman atmosphere,lacking that bit of darkness most games had. The comic felt like a lacluster action movie. I just can’t see how it all comes together.


Trust me it has more sense than anything else produced by developers since 2001 (this is a year of releasing another comic nonsense about 47, his rabbit and some other journal shit of ort-meyer from the promotion team of hitman 2 silent assassin). If I had a chance to contact this guy Peter Gjellerup Koch i would prove it.


I always wondered why don’t you? Finding some kind of way to contact him shouldn’t be to hard. Plus it would put this old debate to rest once and for all :slight_smile: It would be a very interesting look into the past of the game.


I’d rather have a Cassandra Snow novel tbh