Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


Issue 2 is available on 6th of December


Second issue is out. Ugh.


The only two pages I like




I’ve never been a comic fan but I’m getting the first two issues on tuesday. I didn’t realise they were so cheap (£3.10 each in UK) and so figured why not. Technically i’m getting them as a christmas present as I had no ideas for presents and didn’t want anything, but I remembered these were out.


I actually enjoyed this one more than the last - the 47 bits anyway. Still not liking the Diana stuff at all.


These truly resemble the Hitman movies more so than anything ever seen in the Hitman games.

Absolutely terrible.


I honestly thought the wine corks were pretty cheesy. Like, a surely you wouldn’t die even if there was a lot of them hitting you?


Well it did show at least one of them hitting his throat so maybe.


A…another comic book…huh…oh god…OH GOD THIS HURTS
tenor (4)

Diana Bits=Still goddamn awful
47 Bits=Slighty more decent but still WAAAYYY too action. Feels like I’m reading a 2-Men-Hitsquad Ghost Recon comic book.


Ehh, nobody died in this video. But like you said, given it hits the right place, maybe…

Either way, these comics are a disgrace to the Hitman franchise. I always know they are gonna end up being shit, yet I keep on getting them :weary:


Nah you wouldn’t,it’s not like they hit so hard. They are a pain but it shakes off after a while. Unless all of the corks hit him in his head in a sensitive spot all at once. Then maybe. But it’s shown how they hit him at different times in different body areas. I mean,they could have just killed him by breaking bottles on his head or stabbing him with one. No need for that crap.


But they had to add the “cork kill” to make the majority go…



Who is this majority? I haven’t heard of anyone liking the comics yet. Even if it wasn’t Hitman, they’re objectively bad. There are quite a few mistakes and the storytelling is sloppy.


Wow, i thought the first issue was bad and couldn’t get any worse…
I was mistaken…


Also true.
But as bad as they are, im almost positive some people like them. More likely than not; people who aren’t familiar to Hitman.


Did nobody notice the broken bottle sticking out of his chest? He died from falling into several broken wine bottles, not because he was hit by the corks. I’ve no explanation how did they break in the first place (unless the clones set up the stage beforehand) but they were conveniently placed there to facilitate the assassination.

So I’ve read this issue (for free) and enjoyed it as an action oriented comic, but it strays even further from what I’ve known as the Hitman universe. The artwork could have been better, some of the details are just lazy work.


The comic is pretty decent so far


You can do better


lol true how did that even get in there, there were no broken bottles where he fell


And yeah I agree a lot of it is lazy. Feels like they’re whoring out the Hitman name to make a quick buck. I understand the studio needs money right now as they’re going it alone, but I don’t think this crap is going to add anything to the game’s appeal.


This isn’t a Hitman comic, guys. It’s a Cool, Bald Antihero Dude Fights Badder Guys and Stuff comic. Pretty decent outing for the series. Can’t wait for the next issue, where Cool, Bald Antihero Dude kills a bioterrorist by scraping his face with a cheesegrater. He also loses his virginity and smokes his first cigarillo. I’m pumped!!