Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


Also little bit Asian


He was the only option. Do you know why? Of coz you don’t because you have not played hc47. Even if you had you did it superficially without paying attention to flashbacks.
He might be well-dressed. But he is well-dressed dumb asshole, not a businessman. Because only the first one will use the same assumed name (tobias) all over the places. Or maybe he did it intentionally because someone else said him to do so? Go play hc47. You will find the answer in the LAST briefing.
By the way your mighty “ica” had only one ability in hc47. Do you know what it is? I guess you dont. If you find the answer you will understand why i put this acronym in quote marks.
Where are you all guys coming from? You are so obsessed with absolution, this new hitman, silent assassin rating and some other stuff that forgot the word chronology. It does not matter what some pricks will say you tomorrow, the truth happened yesterday. If you want to find a “canon” you should play hc47 and face each target personally. At least pablo’s monologue during showdown will give you all idea behind 47’s hits.


Not saying you’re wrong but there wasn’t a whole lot IOI could do. The only real solution is to create multiple playable characters and doing that turns the series into something else entirely. So it was probably easier for them this way.

More or less. Social stealth is about hiding in plain sight while just regular stealth is usually about sneaking around and avoiding detection in restricted areas.

Actually that fits the definition of social stealth.


As soon as you reveal yourself you are disposable.


Not sure I follow you. They did try to kill him in the movie, right?


Forget about the movie. I like it for its action not the story.
The question is
If you had the ability to create a robot, to program it to perform your tasks would you be willing to give it away to someone for free?


Wow. Someone’s having a bad day XD

Calm down bruv, it’s just a game <3


Hypothetical question that I don’t entirely understand but I’ll try and answer. To some people yes, though I’ll also probably want to try to make a company and sale millions. Does this make me Ort-meyer or something?


Good. At least it makes you a businessman not a dumb ass. The problem is why should “the expert in brainwashing” be a dumb ass to let his “robot” run away from him? Moreover, this callow runaway finds the all powerful organization that makes him an assassin. All this happens during the TRAINING MISSION and one year later. How dumb people could be to believe in that shit?


Ort-meyer might have begin as a scientist/businessman but after he started making clones, he clearly turned into a madman, believing himself to be a God-like figure for creating life and that type of thinking breeds arrogance. His whole agenda for making clones has changed because of it. Allowing 47 to escape is part of that new agenda. At least that’s how I see it. Now was that smart? Considering the end result we can say it wasn’t but then again we’re talking about a lunatic who believed his shit doesn’t stink.

I guess another way you can look at Ort-meyer letting his “robot” go is like him giving away a free sample.

Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought Ort-mayer had him trained since childhood, and by the time 47 hooked up with the Agency he was already an assassin.


No one cares, but issue 3 will be available at Google Play on 24th of January


I wouldn’t say no one cares so much as no one really is looking forward to it, but thanks for the info.


Yep, that is better way to say it


Wow! Agent 6 and 47 had a huge impact in the world history. 1989 changed the world


Can’t wait for the issue where we discover 47 and 6 made Hitler’s assassination look like a suicide and then played ping pong with his left testicle.


You know the fact that 47 was not around in 1945?


Yeah, they performed “Looking for Freedom“ and teared down the Berlin Wall.



Yeah, obviously my papa and mama had a huge impact in 1984. 1 november 1984 changed the world!


Do the writers know such a thing?


For your viewing pleasure.:roll_eyes: