Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


Lol is that Trump in the cover


Well damn, it could very well be!


Done reading Issue 3.
47: mood swings worse than a lady on pms
6: obsessed with 47
Diana: cocky & cunning lil shit


My review of Issue #1:


So the basement in Colorado was actually his Stalker shire and the Shadow Client’s true motivation can be summed up with “Notice me Senpai”?:smirk:


Well I do get a stalker vibe from the SC when he does that love confession-like narration in the Legacy Cinematic… . :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

By the way 6, PLEASE. I’m pretty sure 47 can hear you crispy clear without you having to climb all over him. :expressionless:



What if 47 comes out in one of these issues. I bet that issue will be the big issue of 47 and his fans.


Issue #4 out next week, has anyone else been collecting the hard copies of these? got everyone so far, keeping up the collection :muscle:


Where can you get the hard copies? I was not aware that they were even available. If that’s the case, I better get them. Not a huge fan of the comics themselves tbh, but I still want the physical copies for my Hitman collection as well


I purchased mine from they come from the states, I’m UK and cant seem to get hold of hard copies here. Try eBay as well.


OK cool, I’ll check into that. thanks man!


Has anyone read issue #4? I actually quite enjoyed it honestly! It did a lot of skipping in time until 1998 and a lot of things that we expect are finally falling in place… Like 47 losing his emotions and becoming the cold killer that we know… I really like it not much is changed after all haha


I feel #4 is basically the comic that gets to the core story elements they wanted to tell, #1 & #2 felt very deep background and #3 felt like it was in a rush to get to the situation that leads to #4.

Part of me really thinks it would have worked better as a graphic novel since part of the pacing and story issues are the expectation to finish every comic on a cliffhanger.


Does issue 4 redeem the comic? I havn’t really read them since #2. Been busy with Star Wars comics instead, but planing to more Hitman in the weekend.


Before Issue 4 came out, I had this crazy theory in my head that Comic 47 and Game 47 might be two different people. I thought perhaps Dr Ort-Meyer brainwashed Comic 47 and created a new clone out of him. The new clone not only possessed enhanced abilities and reduced emotions but also inherited 47’s name, while Comic 47 was renamed as 17 and locked away deep in the asylum. I even thought maybe a bunch of Comic 47’s memory fragments were also accidentally copied over during the cloning process and remoulded by Game 47’s brain into a series of false memories.

It now turns out I was just overthinking too hard lol. :sweat_smile:


No, not really but I did enjoy it more then all the previous issues.


I’ve changed the title of the thread since the comic book had already came out.


Pleasantly surprised by Issue 4. I’m curious if that was the plan all along, or if this was a last-minute scramble to varnish over some of the plot problems. It looks like they took the “6” from the novel’s storyline and wove it in here, to explain how 47 remembered it (even though the novels aren’t canon, but this was a nice touch). I also like how Ort-Meyer finally got around to saying that 47 was supposed to be his best and brightest, because it made no sense to have all the clones as great killers for Providence when we consider C47’s storyline. With Ort-Meyer’s lines in this issue, he is much more reminiscent of his character in C47.

I still have major problems with the “Providence was the baddie all along” storyline, but I guess we’re stuck with that now. It would appear that the other 4 Fathers have been wiped from the story completely, unless they are the “partners” mentioned. Even if they are, it’s still disappointing to have Ort-Meyer re-written as Providence’s puppet. Also, it would appear that 47’s escape in C47 is no longer canon?

My girl Diana’s on my home turf at what looks like Trinity College, but I still find her as ridiculous as ever. The comics are time-skipping ahead at breakneck speed now, but I still put this down to bad planning as Diana’s story was not developed enough to spend so much time in the 1980s. Her psychology degree goes some way towards putting her nearer her game version, although I believe her computer science degree (as per Absolution) made much more sense for a handler concerned with hacking etc. I assume they chose a psychology degree to go along with her standpoint in the 2016 Prologue as “know your enemy”.

Also, not to nitpick too much on the artwork but, mobile phones were not that slim in 1998. They were huge lol


yes same here! I have a good feeling that it was the plan all along… after all they did say that the writer from the game were involved so it made no sense that it would have all those mistakes! Just the fact that ort-meyer erased all the emotions from the clones because of the evasion attempt and that they moved underground the asylum like in the games… I like it! Plus since all the clone died except 47 I have feeling that ort-meyer will create more clones based on 47 aka 17 etc… so that we reach the point of Codename 47…

I dont really care for Diana storyline… so far its really forgetable but she’s only the handler after all… I just dont understand yet how the ICA will recruit her…

What do you think?


As I do care about Diana’s storyline, her part In this issue continues to bother me as I’m still having trouble connecting her with her game version (even with the young Diana in Prologue).

But 47’s storyline is a pleasant surprise for me too! :grinning: This is the first time that I feel “I can’t wait to see what happens next!” rather than “Meh let’s see how far they can screw this up.” after the previous issues. :grin: