Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


I would also be reluctant to say it does - but mostly because the end of #4 kind of puts the comic in a superstate where it could go very well or very badly depending on how they deal with the tension they’ve established.

Also: Personally I like that it’s gone very off road with the original concept/lore of 47’s origin because I feel that what we expect in our stories has changed a lot since 2001 - however I can also see how people who were more invested in the idea of it as a solid canon will not be impressed.

Some phones were fairly small in 1998 - I got my first mobile in 1998 and it was smaller than any in the ones in the comic.

I mean, it was also a cheap piece of shit that was a nightmare to text on and provided questionable sound quality on calls - but it was small. Just if you wanted them to be able to do the fancy stuff like have colour displays, receive image texts, handle email, etc they had to be bricks…


I’ll wager it’ll be somewhere in the middle - neither very good or very bad. But I’m honestly fine with this outcome. The story itself isn’t the problem so much as the execution of it. For all it’s faults, it’s still an improvement over the last game’s story.


I do care a lot about Diana as she’s one of my fave characters, so I’ll be doing my best to ignore the problems in her comic portrayal and hope they won’t have too much bearing on future game seasons. Issue #4 definitely takes steps in the right direction, although I doubt the comic story will be pulled together with much finesse in the end.

Seeing as they went the route I assumed they would, with Diana suddenly realising she can’t take a life after all but has no problem getting others to do so, I’d wager the ICA will come knocking with a way out of her current situation if she agrees to bring her odd people-management charm to the ICA.


I am similarly enjoying that they’re taking this as an opportunity at world building and experimenting with the characters outside of a game environment (which has to accommodate for all the player actions). For a first comic being released by an indie studio its pretty good and I’m hoping that prep for it has doubled as prep for the second season.


I still remember how mobile phones were getting tinier and slimmer between late 90s and early 2000s (some of them were even smaller than my palm). Now they’ve kept the slim part but are getting bigger and bigger again with all these "plus"es.

I’m pretty sure the one Diana is using on p18 is a Motorola one and the rest are just pagers.


A friend drew this after a very unserious discussion we had on Issue 4, about how the formula not only robs the subjects’ emotion and motivation but also seems to gradually lower their intelligence (demonstrated by 81’s inability to comprehend 47’s sarcastic comment), and how 47 probably had to babysit them from time to time before he finally decides to free them and leave them with at least some dignity.


“Drink some water 25. You haven’t had any liquid intake for 48 hours. You’ll die from dehydration. And 35 please get up and go to the bathroom. You’ve…stained yourself again and it’s dripping on my bed too.”


Definitely by the early 2000s. Consider the jokingly small phone Ben Stiller used in Zoolander as a nod to how the smallest phones possible were the height of fashion.

Motorola were still rocking their flip-phone style in 1998. I think it’s more likely from the shape and aerial that Diana’s supposed to be holding a Nokia, but they tended to be chunkier. But we’re definitely nitpicking now about what is essentially a black shape in her hand lol


So,where is issue #5?


From what I heard, issue 5 will be released next Wednesday.


Thank you!You made my day.


Hmmm… I love how they tied the C47 escape in with the comic but, I don’t really get how? Seeing as we saw Providence take 47 away in Issue 4, so why did they bring him back again?

Truly, I cannot bring myself to comment any further on what they’ve done to Diana, other than “called it”.


Does anybody have the link to the comic?



Am I the only one who reeeally likes how they connected the Shadow Client/6 idea with the beginning of Codename 47? Having said that, the Diana storyline is a disaster imo.


I haven’t been following this closely, but how many comics are currently out now in total? Also, did they ever confirm how many they plan to release?


I think five or six are out now with only one more issue left to release.


Just before E3, I guess?


Yeah, I think the last issue is due this month.


Last issue is this month. And it’s supposed to show how 47 and Diana first meet. I first hated the comic, which follows 2 storylines, Diana’s and the one with 47 and 6. The Diana one is so far rubbish imo. They totally destroyed the character to me. The other one starts very weird because seems to change everything we knew, but in a (what I consider excellent) plot twist it all falls into place. The ET reactivation, the comic book series and the Definitive Edition seem to point to something new this year…


Ok, according to the link below, the last issue is due on June 13, closer to E3 it seems.