Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


According to IOI it releases on May 30


Either date is fine with me. I’m just looking to get it over with.


Has it been confirmed #6 is the last?


Yep. This is when Diana and 47 finally meet and I presume led up to the events of season one.


Yes. I can already see myself keeping in my memory the 47 plot and erasing the Diana stuff. But it means we are closer to Hitman Season 2


Within touching distance of S2 I hope!


Last issue is out.


Is this the final chapter in the comic series?


Yes sir.

Our official comic reaches its explosive finale TODAY! with the release of issue #6 of BIRTH OF THE HITMAN!

BIRTH OF THE HITMAN issue #6 is available at comic book retailers and digital platforms.

Can’t wait for White’s impressions on this.


The last issue is not available on comiXology. :frowning:


The last issue is now available in Google Play
And a book containing all 6 issues is available in September (maybe)


Maybe it’s just me but i failed to see the explosive finale.


The last issue.


I…actually like it. Yeah, a few things were changed but overall I enjoyed it. it’s better than the movies at least lol.


Finally brought myself to read the comic books and judge them for myself.

And I must be frank, half of the critic I’ve read here over months is overblown:

  1. Comic gets all the big parts of the canon right and manages to nicely tie them in with Providence and new games without breaking lore of games like Codename 47.

  2. It explains how Diana and 47 became who they are. Path itself sometimes is as unrealistic as it gets (especially DIana’s) but nonetheless does its job.

  3. It doesn’t pretend to be a deep and thoughtful comic book full of details (e.g. Watchmen) - it’s videogame comic book, perfect for enjoying it a bit and forgetting.

It’s flawed but nitpicking over flaws (which mostly include stupid subplot writing and stupid details - e.g. target killed by popping champagne corks or the whole Berlin Wall section) is like judging a League 1 football team (3-rd division) for not being able to play like a Premier League one.


Definitely Diana’s story has a lot of problems, and that’s been my major gripe. So much of what makes her an interesting character is missing from the comics, and fails to tie in with who we know her to be in the games. 47’s story isn’t too bad, though it does poke a few holes in the canon in ways that could have been easily avoided.

Assuming this doesn’t impact the game’s main storyline too much, perhaps much of it can be safely ignored. Of course the Shadow Client’s past and the death of Diana’s parents will inevitably have a part to play in the game, but I’m hopeful much of Providence’s early involvement is allowed to remain in the shadows, or the cracks will start to show.


Sorry for asking but what exactly is interesting about Diana’s character?
She’s been a voice and a silhouette for most of the time, I’ve known her.

Maybe I’m missing something?
I don’t know THAT much about the overall lore, only the key things.


No need to be sorry. I guess if you don’t like the character then you won’t find her interesting :grinning:

Personally I loved how she was set up to be 47’s opposite. She came from a rich family, he came from a lab. She came from a position of privilege and connections whereas he was isolated and forced to find his own path. I saw Diana’s original background as a perfect explanation for why her dealings with the ICA and the Franchise were as cool and calculated as they were. She was sheltered and rich – and the victims of contracts are not her concern. It’s just a job, and just money, and if the job happens to do some good, then it’s a bonus.

But in the comics, she’s been affected by death and had her parents murdered by a contract – odd that she would then have other people’s parents murdered the same way without a care. The comics show her to be something of a hothead, and her backstory has been changed to work in parallel with 47, rather than her story working as juxtaposition. I think that takes away from their dynamic.

Anyway, it’s just my opinion. I tend to be very focused on narrative and I know that’s not the main focus in Hitman overall.


Thanks! See, I didn’t even know that she had a backstory to begin with. I played the first games when I was very young, so I didn’t care for the story.

I can definitely see why people hate her comic arc. Even I had a hard time believing some of the stuff that happened there. :wink:

And I DO find her interesting. :smiley:


The backstory I’m referring to came out with her file in Absolution, so it’s still new-ish lore and IO are of course free to scrap it in favour of new lore if they want. But personally I thought her being rich and sheltered really fit her “I do what I want” attitude :joy:

Plus, yeah, some of the unrealistic comic stuff made me groan. Though I guess comics have to be action-packed.