Agent 47: Birth of the Hitman Comic Book


I hate Diana’s story in the comics. However I like the 47 and 6 storyline, abd hiw they tied the beginning of Cosename 47 with the Providence storyline :smile:


Since they don’t sell the comics here, is there any essential stuff I should know??


you can read them here if you’d like mate.


So they’re releasing another Vol 1 as a graphic novel this month? How would this differ from the original comic book? This one has 140 pages


It’s just the whole comic line in one book, it’s the same.


Ahh I see so it’ll just be a one off?


Yep, a volume is every comic collated into in one whole unit. Unless they print any more comics for the series it will be the only volume. It might be the same comics, it might have extra stories or it might have bonus materials


Hey, the new volume fixes the date errors!





I know it’s something small, but I’m really glad they made the effort to fix these errors. It does mean that if Diana was 14 in 1989, then her date of birth has been changed as she was supposed to be 39 in Absolution, which looks to be set over 2011/2012. But I’m happy enough to ignore that now that the dates in the comic line up with the dates in Hitman 2018 at least.