Agent 47 is coming to kill you! How do you stay alive?


Not if the original client can prove to to the ICA that they didn’t authorise the change of target, which I’m sure they would be able to. ICA would then be totally open to accepting another contract as compensation


Find and kill the client. That should make the contract null and void. But if not then at least I’ll be taking the fucker that wants me dead to hell with me.


Uh I would simply invite him to try and get as I live out a day playing hookie with my friends in my Mid-Western American city all the while 47 encounters ritual debasement, slapstick shenanigans and hilarious embarrassing moments until he gives up. I learn that growing more mature does not mean I have to be joyless.


This is taking your 47 obsession a little too far :joy:


I’d probably just go out and stand somewhere in the middle of an open field. That would give 47 the perfect opportunity to use a sniper rifle and getting shot in the head is possibly one of the least painful ways to go.

Unless he decides to snipe the damn birds and summon that demonic ice cream truck again to obliterate me.



Think! First of all, they are going to be too distraught at first, unable to believe what happened and unable to comprehend how it could have happened. Second, I am clearly important and powerful enough to send 47 after me, so as soon as I find out who the client is in order to turn their contract around, I could simultaneously put forth my own contract on that client, so 47 could take them out before they can figure it out and try to redo the contract by proving to ICA what happened. That takes time and I wouldn’t give it to them.

If you’re going to try arguing my scenario, you’re going to need to think more than two steps in front of you.


… and then you get sniped =D


I’d make sure my bodyguard does not care about any discarded weapons he finds


At least that gives me the satisfaction of him not getting a SA-ranking as well as every armed person nearby immediately knowing his location. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like your strategy, but you only say this if you know how 47 operates. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of 47’s targets not only know nothing about him, but also have no clue he’s coming for them, and for that reason you would be caught totally off guard when he does show up.


I am not rich, but if I were, I would make sure to have some security, the best I could get. But if I didn’t have that luxury, I guess I would get a gun and knife, basically arm myself to the teeth.


Simple enough.

Have a secured compound like the Delgado cartel and instead of white passing dudes as security guards I have only women of color as my security detail.

Problem solved.


i would surround myself with wallhack NPCs so that he never leaves the area alive


suit only brah


As Thanos says: run from it… destiny arrives.


I stay locked inside a panic room with my trusty bodyguard, with enough food and water for years for each of us. We have bombs strapped to us with each holding a detonator that (if shot) the bombs detonate and annihilate everything within a 10 mile radius. (Just like Boris in Hitman Contracts) me and my bodyguard take shifts. One sleeps, the other holds up the detonator and vice versa. If we die, 47 is coming with us. (Note: there are no vents or windows in the panic room and we have flashlights and thousands of candles and lighters.) Sorry, 47. Only one way in, we are armed waiting for your arrival. Plus even if you manage to kill one of us, you will not escape the 10 mile radius explosion :boom: :wave:


Sounds like you’re in it just for some alone time with that bodyguard of yours <3

Hard mode: I would temptingly stand near a swimming pool. 47 seems to think it kills you when he pushes people in so I’ll play along just long enough to convince him. I’ll put a sign on my back that says “Push - Eliminate” for safe measure.


Let’s face it, if anyone who knew anything about 47 found out they were his next target they’d write a will and say you’re goodbyes, you’ve got no chance :joy:


Alright, here’s another fool proof plan: If I’m aware that ICA exists before the hit, I’m going to hire them to kill someone I don’t like. Then I’m one of their clients and have 47-immunity.

As long as I don’t try to create a virus that would put the ICA out of business or piss off the UN by stealing nuclear weapons, I should be fine. :wink:

47 may not kill you, but after staying together with the same person 24/7 for 365 days you’re probably going to kill each other at some point.


I don’t know yet, but Step 1 is to avoid all family gatherings. 90 to 100% of my uncles (and a couple of my aunts) are bald. 47’s great at disguising himself at the worst of times, so there he’d literally be invisible.

I’d be having a pleasant chat with my “uncle Mike”, and then, BAM, face-down in the condiments.