Agent 47 is coming to kill you! How do you stay alive?


Well done 47. Didn’t have to lift a finger.


I know better than to fight it, so i would just wait for him and ask him not to shoot me in the head, because that’s nasty and to please burn my body, so it won’t get smelly, because that’s nasty too. Do you think he would accept requests like that?


I broadcast my life to the Internet.

Have fun erasing these recordings, 47.


No, but you might get featured in funniest NPC dialogues and that stuff gives immortal status.


Damn, was it that obvious? :hugs:

Not possible, we’re best friends who knew each other since we were 5 lmao we would take a bullet for each other. :laughing:

But seriously, my example I given is fool proof, 47 wouldn’t stand a chance. It would literally be a suicide mission and if I die, I take the notorious Agent 47 down with me!


Clover: enters panic room
Best friend: enters panic room
Clover: locks panic room
Clover: “… why do you have no hair anymore?”
Best friend: “Hair is for friends.”


Clover falls down with detonator.

Best Friend: Dies :boom: (10 mile radius) :wave:


47 from afar: opens Mail account, ‘Sent’ folder

to: Best friend
Hey, you know what would be a great prank? If you would show up bald and with a cheesy one-liner at the panic room!

to: Diana
I want to make use of my well earnt money and fill a contract on the best friend of our target as well.

47: deletes mails
pop up message: recordings deleted

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Haha nice try, but wouldn’t work I’m afraid.

Either A: I would know if my “best friend” was 47 or not BEFORE I locked the door.

B: Even if I failed to do so, what my “best friend” didn’t know was, once Clover locked the door, an invisible trip wire would be activated. So even if 47 was on the inside with me, he wouldn’t get out without dying.

C: If 47 was on the outside, he would die as soon as he walked through the door. Even if we didn’t drop our detonators.

LMFAO either way, 47 has NO CHANCE :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But it did:


I would only fall down if I were shot though… if it really wasn’t 47 I wouldn’t have dropped it for I wouldn’t have been shot at. Plus I wouldn’t have thrown it until I had confirmation that it was indeed 47 and not my “best friend”


Clover’s meticulous attention to detail is starting to make me think that 47 has finally met his match.


I would like to hear you out, trying to play down how you fell for what ever reason after seeing your shaved friend and detonated the bomb this way, but sadly I can’t because you are dead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also 47 never was close to you two, he just sent two mails.


Nope, still alive and kicking, waiting for 47’s inevitable doom. I would only drop the detonator if I were shot at. Seeing that it really was my “best friend” in there with me, I wouldn’t have dropped it because he wouldn’t have shot me :tipping_hand_man::joy:


You got it, dude :sunglasses::+1:


But why did your friend suddenly die by a 10 mile explosion? :wink:


Huh? He didn’t. We’re both still sitting here in this panic room, you bugging homie lol



Eh I stop replying now. Denying what you wrote ruins the fun. :relieved:


Yeah, but I didn’t fall for the “prank”

Again, I would only drop it if I were shot at. Seeing that it was my friend in there with me he wouldn’t have actually shot me. Therefore I never dropped it…

I wouldn’t purposely drop it unless I knew 100% certainty it was 47.

But seeing how I have an invisible trip Wire that activates once I locked the door, EITHER way 47 isn’t getting IN or OUT alive.

What are you talking about? I’m not changing nothing I said lol


47 enters the room through the window… :rofl: