Agent 47 is coming to kill you! How do you stay alive?


I would stay in a 5 meter by 5 meter square room, with one door, with a camera above that door at all times, 2 bodyguards with shotguns in the room, and no windows.


Simply be Batman. After that the only thing that will kill you is old age. Unless “Old-Age” is a super villain, then you’d just win by default because you’re freaking batman. :sunglasses:


I don’t

  1. A fucking coin doesn’t worth your life.
  2. If you heard a noise, send a bodyguard for looking it. If he doesn’t come back then you’re fucked up hard. RIP
  3. Always look for bald people.
  4. If someone put his hand to his behind it means he is holding a gun.
  5. Don’t think a woman is innocent because 47 is male , he might send Victoria to kill you.
  6. Use ninja guards, they’re able to blow 47’s disguise by checking his ID.
  7. Snipers might be useful.
  8. Always protect your drink/food with two guards, also you can use a taster like Sun Tzu.
  9. If someone following you, be careful.
  10. Always have two guards behind you and tell them “Don’t leave me no matter what”
  11. Use knight armor so 47 can’t break your neck.
  12. Don’t attend any funreal which playing Ave Maria song.
  13. If you have to attend then don’t let any woman approaches the body (especially DO NOT let her kiss him). Also if you have a kill switch then use it, 47’s mission might be failed.
  14. None of your guards carrying Silverballer.
  15. Always check your wardrobes, crates etc. with your guards.
  16. Before going to toilet let your guards check everywhere

Will be updated.


What if I’m really, really, really thirsty? For some reason vending machines only accept gold coins nowadays.


You will die anyways so you must choose your fate.

Killed by 47 or died because of thirsty?


hire 47 in ghost mode to take out 47.


i would kill myself so that 47 can’t get paid


That’s not gonna work, he’s still the cause of your death, and also he still gets paid for outsourced kills and technically… this would count as outsource :smile:


nuh uh


Yes huh

Look at the Assassin in Mumbai… someone else killed 47’s targets and 47 still got paid


And ignore those COINS!! :rofl: Puking in public is also a very wise advice though :smile: