Agent 47 needs your vote!

To be fair, I think Jill Valentine from Resident Evil is considered more iconic to the gaming community at large than Leon is.

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You know… There’s no justice in a world where ‘Line Piece’ from Tetris isn’t on a most popular vg character list. :sob:


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Mostly agree with you, I also fear Agent 47 might have lost many votes as the votes may be split to certain keywords like “47”, “Hitman”, “Tobias Reiper”, “Agent47” etc etc.
I pray to God that these keywords must be mapped to “Agent 47”'s vote.
Mario might have placed 2nd maybe as for split to “Super Mario”. Hope the AI mapped the keywords correctly, I am in IT industry and I dont trust any AI (including KAI from Hokkaido map :rofl: ).
Hence hope to get a full list of votes.

Honestly, both are solid choices, at least we agree that one of the 2 should’ve been here.

I don’t think so, it’s a pretty big deal, Bafta can’t act like they don’t give a shit and just let AI delete many of the votes (Also who tf would vote for Tobias Rieper lmao).


Yeah it’s a joke.

You probably could show my mum a picture of just a green tanktop and brown shorts and she would recognize Lara Croft despite never having played any videogame. That is what it means to be iconic.

I would consider myself as a “core gamer” and i don’t know who some of the characters on that list are.


Voting is a sport in things like this. To me this list proves IO has a loyal fan base. They said over 4,000 votes. That’s not actually that many. I voted 4 times. Would have done more but there was a thing in place to say “you already voted” so I was only able to get one from my work and home computer and then one from my phone and then I had :crown: :dragon: :fire: do it on her phone as well.


Time to admit? I voted twice. Of course for 47!


I will admit, I voted more than once! Like you say, all for 47 :grin:


je vais votez desuite !!

je crois que le vote est terminé

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Le vote a été clôturé il y a un mois

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j’ai vue ca, quel dommage ;(

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Royale With Cheese

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