Agent 47’s Age


Warning: The below contains spoilers for Hitman 2.

So, we’ve seen in H2 that 47 is probably responsible for the death of Diana’s family when she’s a child, or that he’s at least alive as an adult when she’s a child. This raises some questions, how old is 47, and why doesn’t he appear to age?

Please accept my apologies if this has been discussed before, but it’s been bothering me for some time.


According to the Ort-Meyer Files 47 was cloned sometime around the mid to late Sixties.


I think he’s 46…or maybe 48. He should act his age.


According to Hitman Wiki, 47 is 55 years old as of HITMAN™.


If that’s the case, we need to see 47 sporting some 70s fashion… and 80s… and 90s… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s the first digits on his barcode. He was “born” September 5th 1964, and HITMAN/HITMAN 2 take place within the range of 2019-2020, making 47 around 55 at the time it happens.

IO made it a thing for the 2016 release that his body physically ages slower than normal because of how Ort-Meyer engenineered him. It wasn’t always a thing, but they had to explain why he doesn’t look any different after 20 years, so now it’s a thing that he is in his fifties, but looks like he’s just in his early thirties. He was in his mid-twenties when he killed Diana’s parents.


I am going to go with no on all three decades with my no for the Eighties being triple in worth.


I guess we’ve already got one hippie disguise for the 70s. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I wonder how long he supposed to live and how would he look like let’s say in HITMAN 5-7 :slight_smile:


Well given the GAMA file says he has the physical characteristics of a man in his late twenties to early thirties and he is 55 chronologically he could very well live for approximately 160 years but he will not be ageing gracefully I can tell you that.


You mean in HITMAN 8 he will appear looking like Janus? :slight_smile:


Yes! Reminiscing about his past exploits. Time to take the old man out. Introducing… Agent 470. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It’s only a matter of time before a future iteration gets cast as a progressive, non-White, non-gender conforming, individual. “Suspicious” will change to “Triggered”, and the next character will have to make vegan muffins, pitchfork crowd pleasing banners, and a resignation from the ICA, to appease his pursuers. :joy:

I’m British, forgive my humour.


Humor or not, this is likely to happen. And that’s unfortunate. People try to avoid offended sensibilities by taking the fun out of everything, not understanding that reality is a dichotomy and that there is always a negative with any positive and vice versa. To seem progressive, they’ll make it pretentious and preachy. To keep it fun, it’ll hurt the feelings of the progressive generations. And nobody will learn anything. I’ll certainly not play if they revamp it like that for the simple sake of revamping it to seem progressive and tolerant. Marvel already made that mistake. It especially makes sense in this case, as 47 was made by a guy who intended to use him and his brothers to enforce an elitist world controlled by early 20tj century-type fascists. He’s supposed to be a white, male, gender-conformist who solves problems with violence. Taking that away ruins the point.

Making 47 age slowly gives us more time with him as he is, instead of recasting him, not just in voice, but in design. If they make the Hitman series branch out into other assassins’ stories, an idea I support, then they can make those ones non-white, non-hetero and such and such.


I think he will never become old or die until he makes money :moneybag: for IOI !


How old is Diana?



Diana was actually 47 years old in season 1 lol. Born in 72, s1 takes place in 2019.


Are you joking? If not, where do you get that she was born in 72?


I first saw it on this page.


Yeah, they need to reexamine that info, because that does not line up with what is now the canon in H2, where she’s twelve at best.