Agent 47’s Age


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I heard the numbers were removed from the back of 47’s barcode because IO wanted to make him a timeless character.

Basically meaning that his true age is no longer revealed and they can make as many games as they want with him.

I suppose it makes sense given the fact we can’t have 47 killing targets while holding a walking stick. :joy::joy:


That was probably just so they wouldn’t need to keep showing it due to money limitations while under Square Enix. It’s already been established that 47 is 55 years old now and just ages slower because he was made genetically superior and so the process that causes the rest of us to get weak and wrinkly and grey doesn’t work the same way with him.


Correct, Agent 47 was created in 1964, not sure on the exact date


640509 stands for 5th of September 1964

The game plays at 2020 (2019 in Hitman 2016 - a year has passed) so that makes him 56 years old


To be honest, 47 killing targets with a walking stick is something I’d like to see :joy:


I think IO will continue to evade his age bc they have made him “timeless.” How old is James Bond?


James Bond is different. Until Daniel Craig’s run, each time a movie came out, they were more or less asking the audience to pretend that time moved forward for the occurrence of past movies. Like, by the time Die Another Day came out, we were basically just supposed to imagine that Dr No and Goldfinger took place ten or twelve years prior, as opposed to back in the sixties. With Hitman, time is static; each entry keeps moving further into the future, but the dates at which past entries took place remain the same. So with each entry that moves to a later date, 47, Diana, and Smith all get correspondingly older. 47 is just doing it slower because of how Ort-Meyer made him.


But M continued to age through each Bond. So did Q. Until they had to be replaced. Bond is also a much older franchise than hitman. If you look at all the Connery bonds and then all the Moore’s and then all the Brozdens and then all the Craig’s, each within their own little view, time does move forward from film to film. I left out the other two guys because they only did one or 2 films each. That franchise just picks whevever they like to bring in a younger bond (or other character) so that he’s basically always between 35 and 50 even if the actor is well into his 60s (Moore was). I think it’s easier to do this with a VG franchise bc it’s animated. They don’t have to change actors until bateson can no longer do it or they run into a contract impass.


Yes, but until Daniel Craig, it was all one Bond, one continuity, and every time we got a new, young Bond and M and Q looked older, we the audience were supposed to pretend that they’d always looked that old, or that the job aged them fast in the course of the 10 or 12 years that the series took place in before Casino Royale. Anytime you see something that is obviously 60s or 70s and whatnot, and you’ve already seen a more recent movie, it’s basically saying IGNORE HOW OLD THIS LOOKS, THIS HAPPENED ONLY A FEW YEARS BEFORE THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH! And then with Craig they rebooted it so that M really was always that old.

Now, with Hitman, that’s not happening. Everyone is getting older in the way they should, except 47, because he’s different, so eventually, they’ll have to end the series, move on without Diana (unacceptable!), or make prequel games that focus on the 7 years between Blood Money and Absolution, or the 7 years between Absolution and HITMAN. Or spinoff the series without 47 altogether, like a Star Trek series.


I think they will just continue to make games that don’t exactly have a secure slot in the timeline. Obviously S2 and the eventual S3 come in order after S1, but after this story? Maybe we just get a game like contracts with disconnected hits or maybe the game follows a story arch but completely wraps up at the end? Who’s to say that game goes before S1 or after S3. When did absolution happen? Hopefully in a dream < LOL

Anyway I take your points, I’m just not sure they couldn’t keep making this game forever. Reboots happen (tomb raider) but then the show goes on.


As to the first sentence, 2012, 7 years both real time and game time after Blood Money.

As to the second sentence, I think I’ll borrow a quote from Negan here:

“Oh, you’d better be joking!”


I’m actually not a full fledged absolution hater. I just thought the ICA taking over a town was a bit outside of the reality this franchise had previously created. We seem to have gone back there now too.


Technically that was a rogue operation that the Agency would never have signed off on, but I get your meaning.


Oh I know it was! But wouldn’t like the Marines show up lol


Only if someone notified them, and Travis probably had communications cut off. Plus, the military cannot act without an executive order.


There’s a war powers act and all this other legal stuff too but if an unknown army of hundreds of heavily armed guys took over a town like that SOMEBODY would be sent in to fight them.


Diana was born in the 1970’s, she’s a kid or early teen in the 1980’s murder scene of her parents

She’s in her 20’s during the prologue that takes place in 1999 and she’s in her 40’s during Hitman season 1 and 2 which take place in 2019


Then they did not properly design her for those scenes at the grave, because by that information, she’s 16 or older at the time of the bombing, and that is NOT a 16 year old who appears in that scene. She’s younger than Victoria there.


I said born somewhere in the 1970’s, not the 1972 designation noted on the wiki (I don’t know where they got that number)

As example: If she was born in 1973 and the bombing took place in 1985 she would be 12 years old and that’s about what she looks in those scenes. Which would make her 26 during the prologue and 46 during the season 1 and 2 storyline

I’m not sure we have exact dates for anything but born “somewhere” in the 1970’s with the bombing “somewhere” in the 1980’s is close enough without needing a precise date

Even if you adjust things another year or so up it’s still close enough to be an accurate estimate. Even if you took the 1972 number and the bombing was 85 she’d only be 13 or if the bombing was 86 she’d be 15, again, there’s a couple of years up or down on either and you end up with an estimate of her being somewhere from 10 to 14 years of age