Agent 47’s Kill Count

Forgive if this has already discussed, but what is the official Hitman kill count?

By that I mean all targets, including optional ones, across the 5 Hitman games. (Not regarding the books or non-target kills as canon.)

Must be pretty high by now, considering 47 is the ‘World’s Greatest Assassin’. :slight_smile:

This awesome video has all the target kills in it from Codename 47 to Absolution – I guess you can count them if you want!

EDIT: I don’t know if the guy who made this is the same @Sharpy47DeadlyShadow on this forum, but if you are, hats off to you.


It is me, @eeefaa :smile: That video was once featured in official Hitmant facebook and twitter =)


Yes, I have seen that video. Hadn’t thought to count them though… Guess I’ll finish playing Contracts (recently got it in the steam sale) and then give them a count. Will be interesting to note who 47’s 47th kill was, if he has got that far…

Haha interesting. I’m sure he’s definitely gotten that far.

Well, seeing how much of a massacre Requiem was…

Since everyone is gontranno was a target I don’t think it’s possible to determine the 47th target.
(or is it?)

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So after finishing contracts I have done a rough count of the targets (from all of the games, including Sniper Challenge), and there appears to be approximately 142 in total. Interestingly enough, if my addition is correct, there are also 47 of them in Blood Money. :slight_smile:

Not sure if that has been discovered already, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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  1. Red Dragon Triad Negotiator
  2. Blue Lotus Negotiator
  3. Chief of Police
  4. Lee Hong
  5. Pablo Belisario Ochoa
  6. Fritz Fuchs
  7. Franz Fuchs
  8. Arkadij Jegorov aka:“Boris”
  9. Odon Kovacs
  10. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer
  11. ( 10 ) “48 series” Clones


HITMAN 2 Silent Assassin:

  1. Don Guiseppe Guiliano
  2. Unnamed General
  3. General Makarov
  4. Igor Kubasko
  5. Mikhail Bardachenko
  6. Vladimir Zhupiov
  7. Masahiro Hayamoto JR.
  8. Masahiro Hayamoto SR.
  9. Brat Charliego Sidjan
  10. Charlie Sidjan
  11. Ahmed Zahir
  12. Mohammad Amin
  13. Abdul Bismillah Malik
  14. Yussef Hussein
    ASSASSINS x 5 total
  15. Dr. Hannelore Von Kamprad
  16. Deewanna Ji
  17. Agent 17
  18. Sergei Zavorotko PLUS ( 21 ) of his bodyguards



  1. Campbell Sturrock “Meat King”
  2. Andrei Puscus
  3. Fabian Fuchs
  4. Sergei Bjarkhov
  5. Lord Winston Beldingford
  6. Alistair Beldingford
  7. Klaas Teller
  8. Rutghert Van Leuven
  9. Ivanovich Deruzhka “Boris” FLASHBACK
  10. Fritz Fuchs FLASHBACK
  11. Franz Fuchs FLASHBACK
  12. Red Dragon Negotiator FLASHBACK
  13. Blue Lotus Negotiator PLUS ( 6 ) Blue Lotus Triad Members
  14. Red Dragon Negotiator FLASHBACK
  15. Blue Lotus Negotiator FLASHBACK
  16. Chief of Police FLASHBACK
  17. Lee Hong FLASHBACK
  18. Albert Fournier
  19. Richard Delahunt -completed
  20. Philippe Berceuse (Alvaro D’ Alvade) -completed



  1. Joseph Clarence
  2. Don Fernando Delgado
  3. Manuel Delgado
  4. Alvaro D’ Alvade ( Don’t Count )
  5. Richard Delahunt ( Don’t Count )
  6. Carmine Desalvo
  7. Lorenzo Lombardo
  8. Rudy Menzana
  9. Vinnie “Slugger” Sinistra
  10. Angelina Mason
  11. Raymond Kulinsky
  12. Mark Purayah II
  13. Chad Bingham JR.
  14. Lorne De Havilland ( ****OPTIONAL: Mysterious Female Assassin “?” )
  15. Everett Jefferson
  16. Junior O’ Daniel
  17. William S. Corfitz
  18. Adam Hendrikson
  19. Joe Netberg
  20. Elijah Krup
  21. Skip Muldoon
  22. Hank “Buddy” Leitch Muldoon
  23. John “Pappy” LeBlanc
  24. Hendrik Schmutz
  25. Tariq Abdul Lateef
  26. Mohammed Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa
  27. Anthony Martinez
  28. Vaana Ketlyn
  29. Maynard John
  30. EVE
  31. Daniel Morris
  32. Mark Parchezzi III
  33. Rick Henderson
  34. Alexander LeLand Cayne PLUS ( 10 Franchise Bodyguards ) & ( 1 ) Priest

46 TARGETS TOTAL counting OPTIONAL “?” Bodyguards and Priest
44 Targets TOTAL ( *Not counting Richard Delahunt and Alvaro D’ Alvade Both Counted already from Hitman Contracts. )

HITMAN Sniper Challenge:

  1. Richard Strong JR
  2. ( 15 ) Bodyguards



  1. Diana Burnwood ( Don’t Count )
  2. King Of Chinatown
  3. Dom Osmond
  4. Bill Dole
  5. Larry Clay
  6. Frank Owens
  7. Edward Wade
  8. Luke Wheeley
  9. Tyler Colvin
  10. Landon Metcalf
  11. Gavin LeBlond
  12. Mason McCready ( OPTIONAL: ) Lenny Dexter
  13. Sanchez
  14. Jennifer Anne Paxton
  15. Heather McCarthy
  16. Agnija Radoncic
  17. Dijana Radoncic
  18. Lousia “Candy” Cain
  19. Jaqueline Moorhead
  20. LaSandra Dixon
  21. Layla Stocton
  22. Blake Cornwallis Dexter
  23. Benjamin Travis

23 TARGETS TOTAL ( Including Lenny Dexter )

165 ( If you follow the timeline )


  • Tzun / Zun Hitman - C47
  • Spetsnaz Agent -hitman 2
  • Guilianos Brother, Son and Lawyer -hitman 2
  • Malcolm Sturrock - hitman contracts
  • Mr. Scoop & Vinnie’s wife - hitman blood money

okay guy to my knowledge iam 99% sure this is accurate, i tried and it gets very confusing at times because i didn’t want to count the flashback missions. (Technically) he already done those.
But iam pretty sure this is accurate, if i made a slight error in my addition, or you think it’s something else, Please correct me. Thanks!

Also, i know it’s not a traditional Hitman game but here’s Hitman:SNIPER

  1. Markus Krug
  2. Basia Romanowski
  3. Jaroslav Benak
  4. Baltasar Cabasso
  5. Dimitri Lefkos
  6. Omid Maklouf
  7. Vincent Krug
  8. Dr. Ralph Ashbury
  9. Kim “Kimber” Euston
  10. Colin Ningbo
  11. Tuulia Hernandez
  12. ROGUE AGENT “Kevin Borts”

Now if Anyone would like to add the targets from the Novels and Films, ( or just stick to the Games kill count?? )

*I would really be curious what the count would be if somebody added up the kills from EVERYTHING haha! ( Not me! ) :laughing:

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Awsome man. You’ve Done it.
All targets in one place

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Don’t forget the postman he kills in Blood Money!


Beat me to it!

Yeah, he would be listed under “optionals” like, Scoop and Vinnies wife, from blood money. Just forget to add him, thanks though. I was only counting Actual targets.

Never mind my last comment haha I misunderstood :smile: Thought you meant the postman from Hitman 2.

Awesome list, but I think you’re missing some from Absolution. What about Jade and Travis’ 3 bodyguards? Oh, and the scientists too. Forgot their names though.

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Damn your right! Can’t believe I missed them. Jade Nyugen. The Praetorians “Jack Aegis” “John Hoplon” “Carey Scutum” and the Dr.s “Marcus Green” “Raymond Valentine” and “Warren Ashford”… Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! :grinning:

So 173 in now the total count

Hitman Season one
Kalvin Ritter
Jasper Knight
Matheu Mendola
Kong tuy Kwang(Really hard name😂)
Dino Bosco
Viktor Novikov
Dalia Margolis
Silvio Caruso
Francesca De Santis
Reza Zaydan
Claus Hugo Strandberg
Jordan Cross
Ken Morgan
Sean Rose
Ezra Berg
Penelope Graves
Maya Parvati
Yuki Yamazaki
Erich Soders

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