Agent 47 vs Batman


So here’s the scenario. Agent 47 is given a contract to eliminate the batman, but he’s unaware of batman’s real identity. Batman, on the other hand, knows agent 47 from tracking and investigating his flawless assassinations all over the globe and from having access to ICA’s files about 47 and his missions. 47 is new to Gotham whereas batman knows Gotham like the back of his own hand (similar to the "Chasing a Ghost’ mission). Batman, however doesn’t know 47 is after him because he’s been too busy or distracted with the riddler and two face to have known about the contract placed on his head, but is still paranoid about 47 regardless because of his pure skill and intelligence. So, who do you think will win and why? Also, the batman I’m talking about is the Arkham Knight batman, so yeah, he’s at his peak just like 47.


Batman. Batman always wins doesn’t matter who it is. Batman wins because of plot armour and popularity.


As much as I love 47, I say Batman wins.
Unless 47 disguises himself as Alfred and poisons Batman’s drink.


World’s Greatest Detective remember? No way 47 could ever be Alfred and fool Bats. If five Clayfaces couldn’t fool him neither can 47.


47 wins because he is ruthless and has no problem exploiting any weak spot of the target. Might aswell reuse Lafayette’s disguise and mindfuck Bruce about his dead parents and superhero persona before slitting his throat.


Batman doesn’t see therapists. The only one he trusted died last year also Professor Strange couldn’t pull off “the parents are dead and you suck” thing. Crane couldn’t, Joker couldn’t and Bane couldn’t.


Depends teh Btaman version you are talking about, to begin with. Anyway, it’s likely Batman would win only because heroes always do somehow. Whatever. Can’t say too much myself.


Well the OP said it is the Arkham Knight Batman which means that yes he has survived a multitude of “your parents really desrved it and you smell like guano” routine on him. Once a game with Scarecrow, Strange and Joker/Scarecrow.


To hell with it. Just have 47 to drop a duckie in front of him while he isn’t wering his costume and that’s it. EZPZ.


Joker remember? Bats expects gag toys to be hidden death devices.


Not true. Wonder Woman beat him. Because showing a man beating a woman in a fight is not socially acceptable. Batman should have been able to beat her, since he’s prepared for a fight with any and all of his fellow heroes and he was in the right and Wonder Woman was in the wrong… but there’s a time and a place to use rational arguments, and a male vs female fight is not it, by God!

As to the main question, Batman has a 3 out of 4 chance at beating 47 in any sort of confrontation. 47 had a 1in 4 chance of winning because Batman is not used to an adversary as subtle and discreet as 47, so he might actually be caught off guard by an “accident”, or being sniped from miles away through his jaw, where he is not protected by his suit. 47 has a chance, but the odds do not favor him. Batman most likely wins.


Where is the Source film maker or the Mugen fighting game to help sort out this random scenario proposed by fans?


It might also be due to the fact that WW is a superpower near ageless woman who grew up in a martial society. Also didn’t that story almost immediately follow Tower of Babel? I think DC wanting to have Batman be thrashed was a good decision. Fuck Batman

Also Batman always has a plan and always examines ever possibility including potential accidents quote/unquote. Trust me Batman wins everytime


Irrelevant. If what you said in the second paragraph is true, then Batman should have won against WW, irrespective of the aspects you pointed out. And no, he did not need a thrashing. Batman has never learned any kind of lesson from being physically beaten. If someone wants to bring him down a few notches, they should step in and kill The Joker in front of him. Batman wouldn’t have clue one about what to do.

In any event, even Batman is not prepared for every scenario, and I point to all the times when literally anybody saved him in any way as an example, never mind bringing up Bane. 47 would be an enemy unlike any Batman has ever faced - one who would be truly serious about killing him without trying to make sure that he knows who it is and using his brains about it. The closest anyone ever came to that method was Hush, and even he had to let Batman know in the end that he was coming for him. 47 would not. He stands a 25% chance of success for that reason.


I have to remind you that Thomas Elliot was a personal friend of Bruce Wayne he has an inside edge when it comes to defeating Batman. Knightfall is the only exception to Batman being caught of guard since after Knightfall Batman has been surprised less after that and that is discounting Knightfall’s gimmick nature.

I mean if a freaking New God couldn’t kill Batman then 47 definitely won’t. Unless 47 starts selling more comics than Batman which is incredibly dubious, Batman is not going to be bested by 47. Besides we are ignoring the parameters of the game we are supposed to be using Arkham Batman. Who stated that he wouldn’t fall for Bane’s tricks even when he allied with Bane in City he was still dubious of Bane’s actions.


Batman is a Conservative’s wet dream, fuck Batman.


Yeah I don’t see Batman as this big Conservative messiah I mean Bruce Wayne actively gives and starts charaties and has a division dedicated to clean energy. He is a guy who just beats up clowns and tugs. He even sheltered the insane criminals in his mansion after Arkham was rendered unusable.

Unless we are talking about Frank Miller’s Batman. He really ruined Batman for everyone with his sociopath loner misfit interpretation.


If Bruce Wayne were real I bet he’d be at Davos arguing that philanthropy is preferable to him having to pay taxes.


Well I have no clue whether WayneCorp actually pays its taxes since most comic writers really don’t care about this sort of thing. I am willing to be that law-abiding but brash Bruce Wayne still follows American tax law to the letter. But I imagine a Davos with realistic with all the corporate executives though. It is hilarious the way I have it in my mind.


If Batman is the target, then Batman shouldn’t know he’s a target. 47 would know he couldn’t take him one-on-one due to Batman’s martial arts skills and weapons. 47 would have to have Batman drawn out with a large crime… Such as a bank robbery where hostages are taken, and 47 allowing himself to be taken as a hostage. Maybe he’d pose as a higher up “important” person and hopefully he’d be rescued by Batman. From here, 47 would have a choice. He could put a tracker on him, or record his voice in an effort to reveal a match with other (known) people. These tactics would eventually lead to reveal that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Then the first (or 2nd?) challenge involves infiltrating Wayne Manor. If not that, then perhaps a more subtle approach of getting him at an event where Bruce would be out in the open.

Another way to draw Batman out that the ICA or 47 would know about is the Bat-Signal. They could research and find out who does this (Commissioner Gordon… Right?). 47 could find out where they meet, and from there…

47 would have to poison Bruce Wayne at an event, or snipe him while he’s out hopping buildings as Batman. Gotta have those armor piercing rounds.

About the tracker, and it possibly leading back to the ICA… or 47. This would be the only thing to give 47 away. Maybe.