Agent 47 vs Batman


Yes traditionally and in the Arkham series Gordon or a GCPD higher up mans the signal not that it matters because signalling for Batman to come… means Batman comes and just kicks 47’s ass.

If 47 existed in the DC Comicsverse then it is over before it begins. Batman has a comprehensive of the world’s peak assassins and mercs from your Deathstrokes to your Lady Shiva’s he already knows the ins and outs of an assassin repertoire and he plans accordingly.

Also Batman is not stupid enough to not look for trackers or listening devices. He has been a vigilante for 75 plus years sure it happens sometimes in the comics but not a common occurance.


Why? If Batman doesn’t know he’s a target why would he start kicking some random guy’s ass? 47 wouldn’t be stupid enough to not blend in, or he’d be in some remote location where he can “scope” out Batman.

Good for him. But, again, if Batman doesn’t know he’s a target, why would he be worried about being one, and from 47 no less? Unless you mean that Batman is always prepared to deal with ANY assassin, regardless of who it is. If that’s what you’re saying then there’s no point in discussion. You might as well say he’s impossible to kill.

As I said, these methods would only serve to (eventually) reveal the man behind the mask. You’re right, at least with a tracker of any kind. But a listening or recording device would have a much better chance of not being detected if they were on 47’s person. He could say it’s a pace-make or hearing aide, or some other device that is simply disguised as anything not raising suspicion.


Whats with the conservative hate?


Ha ha ha. Batman already knows he is a target all the time. Batman thinks that somewhere and for some reason some upstart or supervillain is plotting against him. Batman trust no one outside of his cabal of assistants and sidekicks. His process for picking his friends is not some checklist or vetting process it is paranoid and research.

I though all of you would realise Batman is never a target, Batman is never the prey and Batman always wins. Batman’s who existence is a guess who will kill me today game and 47 only has the basic skills in the book. He is not the metahuman Deathstroke is, the uncanny marksman Deadshot is, the long game schemer Ra’s al Ghul is, the unpredictable wildcard the Joker is, the melee expert Lady Shiva is or the mental manipulator Professor Strange is.


Uh oh.


Yes the world only unanswerable question: Who would win in a fight…

Except “vs Batman”, Batman always wins. He survived an Apokalyptian for crying out loud.


Nah I was saying uh oh in response to what’s about to go down in this thread. Hope old mate ariayde enjoys having his thread inconsiderately de-railed and possibly locked.

Batman would win easy. Batman exists on an entirely different level than 47 does in terms of realism and “groundedness”. Batman is such a ridiculously perfect human being, 47 could be as careful and as calculating as he wants but he’ll never match Batman. Simple as that


Even if both characters were realistic Batman would still win since Batman or at the very least a hyper-trained polymath human can exist 47 can’t. The cloning techniques used to create 47 are still hypothetical. Batman even beats 47 at just existing!


Even assuming 47 could exist, he’d probably have a weakness caused by the cloning too hey. Some sort of imperfection that Batman could exploit.


What if it was Bruce Wayne that contacted the ICA to put the ‘hit’ on Batman? Did you ever think of that? :exploding_head: :sweat_smile:

Someone else said that if it were one-on-one, Batman would definitely win. And I agree. The only chance 47 would have would be in a more subtle, indirect way. But if we want to say he’s an omniscient target that knows of all ways to kill him, thus nullifying said methods, then… okay.


Of course that is Batman’s shtick. Being a terrified asocial paranoid sociopath who does these sorts of things. He even had plans to kill the Justice League his best friends outside of Gotham City limits and they worked nearly.

Seriously? Why would he do that?:joy:


Maybe he wanted a challenge, to see if 47’s got what it takes.

Or he’s really depressed and will let 47 do his thing.

Probably after reading mean internet comments. :grin:


Bruce lives in existential depression everyday and besides Bruce recently attempted suicide as late as last year if Batman is to die it is on Batman’s terms.

Also no internet nerds say anything bad about Batman ever. Except me fuck Batman Superman is better.

From a guy who was the first to fight Deathstroke to a draw? Yeah 47 is just walking tissue paper to him. The Dollotrons are more lethal than him.:joy:


everyone can kill batman just shoot him in the mouth alltho he does have a lot of plot armor :thinking:


His plot armour is more effective his normal armour. This guy went up against Darkseid (the proto-Thanos) and lived.


I just noticed that in Arkham City intro , Hugo Strange says the infamous line “Noone’s Untouchable” Diana took from her father!!!
Also as we all know, there are bats in Sapienza Author mission and the lab itself looks like Batcave.Just give 47 a HitMobile and let the hunt begin :stuck_out_tongue:


Papa Burnwood also looks like the comic and Arkham iterations of Strange (except Burnwood is not bald)


They’re rotten and I don’t like 'em


Please clarify what you meant.


Don’t pay any attention to me amigo I was just being a smartass. No big deal