Agent 47 vs Batman


Slightly different take:

Batman can, conceivably, be defeated by criminals who are less skilled than 47, e.g. The Penguin, Two-Face, Scarecrow, etc. If these enemies stood no chance in hell against Batman, they’d be pathetic, sorry excuses for villains instead of the iconic arch-nemeses they are. The only reason they always lose to Batman in the end is because Batman is the hero of his story. Batman enjoys a narrative shield that I’ll call “the hero’s privilege”.

But, unlike Two-Face or The Penguin or Deathstroke, 47 is the hero of his own story. Like Batman, he enjoys the hero’s privilege – so when 47 fights Batman, we get something special: a fair fight.

And I believe that in a truly fair fight, 47 stands a chance. He’s still the underdog, but he has a chance.

Especially when you consider this:

In his canon, 47’s record is flawless. His win record is 100+/0.

Batman’s been beaten in one way or another several times. His back was broken by Bane, his mansion’s been burned to the ground, people who he’s tried to save have died, etc. etc.


Uhh Batman wins because of his vigilance, forethought and incredible willpower that many writers get overzealous with. Some of you greatly underestimate just how much prepwork Batman does and how well trained he is.

Also 47 has made mistakes just like Batman. Also Batman is more popular so even if 47 is the hero of the story Batman still has his abilities AND his immense popularity ergo he wins. There is a reason we never include storytelling in these matches on ability and gadgetry.


Lord Beerus stomps them both


If only US elections worked this way


OK, for the sake of argument, let’s leave storytelling devices aside and go off the facts.

If 47 is contracted to kill someone, that someone dies – 10 times out of 10.

Batman, however, never dies.

So the universe implodes, or we get some kind of draw, as so often happens when heroes fight one another in crossover events. lol


Also, I think it’s clear that 47 would never engage “Batman”. Bruce Wayne would be his target, and probably in the middle of the day at a crowded fund-raiser or something.


Does it matter? Bruce Wayne is still Batman he still has one hundred Plan Bs and has a level of competency the general public is aware of. It seems a lot of people are REALLY underestimating Batman and his ability to plan ahead.


See, I don’t think the evidence supports that. He’s gotten into scrapes a bunch of times. If he really had so many contingencies he’d never get into a real fight and his safety would never be at risk. His shows and games and movies would be boring as hell, because he’d win before anything happened.

But he does get into trouble and he fights for his life and others’ lives constantly, which means he’s not omniscient.

Again – I think Batman is the favourite because his skills and resources are so varied, but I reject the notion that he wins “because I’m Batman”.


“Because he can, because he’s Batman” is pretty close to Jesus territory. That’s not even plot armour, that’s just saying “he’s Batman, end of argument”


I am not saying it is because he is Batman. I am just saying Batman is incredibly cautious and always willing to plan ahead or create third options. I don’t like it anymore than you do but I am using what I got. It is the part of the Batman many people like, his complex crime-solving abilities and non-linear thinking to defeat much stronger opponents.


47 is not the type who sets up the traps at his own castle and let Batman fight past an army of soldiers. He infiltrates like Batman does. So the first question should be, where do they meet? At Bruce’s place? Does 47 know it is Bruce Wayne?


The OP states that 47 is unaware of his alter ego. A lot of us myself included have long forgotten his stipulations though.

We have an Arkham Game Batman as the fighter and an inability to target Bruce.


Then he could disguise as one as Bat’s enemies and wait for him. Which would lead to him bein put in jail.

Or he waits for Diana finding out it is Bruce. Which I see more successful. If that is ever possible. But I guess that is not allowed here.


Could you just imagine 47 trying to fibre-wire Mr Freeze?:joy:


Agent 47 wins.

  1. He doesn’t have to kill “Batman”, he can find clues (Hint: Another Life) about his real identity so “Bruce Wayne” will be easy piece of cake for 47.
  2. 47 is disguising master, he will find a disguise which Batman can’t notice him.
  3. 47 has five god tier criminal’s DNA+ he is too much powerful for a human. Batman is nothing without his “Bat Equipments”

Unless Nolan brothers writing (For they, no matter how they fucked up hard and lost their friends/lovers, heroes always wins. References: Batman, Person Of Interest, Interstellar and (I didn’t watched but I’ve heard) Dunkirk) the scenario, in that case Batman wins.

The only person can eliminate 47 is Me :rofl: Superman.


Well not Freeze but how about Blackmask? That guy uses doubles anyway, so even if 47 gets busted he would not even be suspicious to Batman.


The Black Mask is traditionally written as having a burnt-on mask and to my knowledge the Arkham games don’t have the Black Mask having body doubles even then in the comics it was uncommon for Sionis to use doubles. Even then 47 would have to study really hard to fool Batman’s deductive prowess. Five Clayfaces remember?:joy:


Well the doubles don’t get the mask being burnt on obviously.

The games featured a double in Origins:

But that is the advantage, 47 doesn’t have to double Blackmask, he has to double a bad double. Who is someone to be taken care of for Batman, but not to be taken entirely seriously.


Ah you see I have not played Origins so I wouldn’t know. But even then in the Arkham canon Red Hood kills Roman so depending on whether Batman died in the Knightfall protocol or not it is up in the air.


With all the universes with different situations, we can just make this up as a new one. We even have to as 47 normally is no part in it. :wink: