Agent 47 vs Batman


Well if that is the case then I pick that our Batman is Bat-Mite who has reality warping powers. And the 47 is the Idiot 47 from Absolution.


Haha this thread made me remember a funny video I saw… (picture Superman 47)

Batman is just a “regular” guy. 47 is a clone bred to kill. They might both technically be “humans” with no super powers, but I’d have to say 47 wins. Just my two cents.


This, I think the only way 47 would be able to take down Batman is if he went undercover in a disguise, and discreetly took him out (what he does best). One on one though? Batman for sure unless 47 had some sort of really good gadget at his disposal…then again, Batman probably would as well. Great question though!


Batman. 9 out of 10 times.