Agent 47's Mental Health

What do we all make of 47’s mental health. All those years of killing may have taken its toll. Or do you believe 47, as a perfect clone, is not susceptible to losing his sanity. The following video explores the dangers of someone like 47 becoming unwell.


Regardless of whether you think the years have had an effect on 47, you might see there is all ready evidence of 47 being unwell. For instance, is he delusional? How can he view himself as a ghost/silent assassin when he’s been compromised and chased so many times.

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They had. He needs to use bathroom much more often than in his Codename 47 days. It’s psychosomatic peeing. I swear.


Now that is attention to detail, I hadn’t thought about that.

One thing I was thinking of is the awkwardness of continuity within the series, we literally need IOI to make things clear for us. Is the complexity of 47s story a lack of understanding on 47’s part. Also in Contracts we see the world from 47’s eyes, how close is Contracts to 47’s genuine experience.

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This is a very interesting and an excellent point. I’d like to hear from IOI themselves whether the creepy style of Contracts represents 47’s experience and mood of the world around him, or if it’s just a visual style for the game itself.

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I think his mental health goes up and down he does care about people I think like Diana and the girl from Absolution but as a clone he just focuses on his goal killing.

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Well said, friend. I agree that, as an engineered clone with a horrible childhood, he focuses on what he was taught to do from early childhood yet he has also developed feelings for some individuals such as Diana and Victoria (the latter because of her similar upbringing).

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Another thing I was thinking about contracts, is it how 47 experiences everything he does, OR is it how he remembers things. Is 47’s memory darker than what he actually faced, are the later targets genuine contracts or just people he doesn’t like.

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Cause he has been shot he is misremembering old missions plus he is losing blood and every mission is dark and raining.

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So once he recovered does his memory revert back to reality or remain the same? Wish I knew.

This is an excellent thread by the way. I wish more effort was put in trying to analyze our beloved protagonist and his psyche. I don’t think someone like 47 could exist in real life. Humans are bound to break at some point given enough stress. He may be cold hearted and unfeeling but even he has his limits like Diana said in Absolution.

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I have depression and anxiety so with everything going on I am very stressed.

I’m sorry to hear that. I think you should post that in the pinecone thread though. I can relate as i suffer from depression too, and lately i’ve started experiencing anxiety too.

While Ort Meyer could physically enhance his clones, he was not necessarily a doctor in psychology, and may not have been able to prevent 47s mental state from breaking down. This makes us relate more with 47 as he is in fact very human. But is 47 ‘cold hearted’? The philosophy he keeps to is to leave his environment untouched which is a lot more difficult and risky than if he were to take a few innocent lives on his way. So he does not have this philosophy to make his missions easier, he possibly chooses this ghost philosophy in order to spare the innocent. Weve seen what 47 is capable of if he wanted a job done quickly and ruthlessly he could do it alot easier than how he actually carries out his work.

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As much as i’d like to view 47 as heroic as you describe him in this philosophy of sparing innocents, i honestly think he minimizes casualties just because of professional pride. Even though we see his humane side every now and then, he’s still a man who was bred to feel nothing and murder others. I think most of his humanity he might have had as a child died during his hellish training when he was desensitized to violence and death.

47 is honestly a very tragic character. Sad how harsh his childhood was.

The only time I did not agree with his methods was when he killed the poor postman in Blood Money.


47 was a lot colder in BM for some reason anyway. Probably because of the stressful situation involving the franchise so he likely felt he couldn’t trust anyone. I mean look at how he treated Diana and Agent Smith who are both long time characters in the series. Well… he didn’t exactly like Smith before either…

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Guess he was getting sick of rescuing him

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Can’t blame him :joy:

The countless deaths he caused (and often watched the victims die) surely seems to have affected his psyche. Just play the ™ games and see how bitter and cynical he is about people being killed nowadays. Compare that to his nonexistant reaction to people dying in games set during his standard ICA operative days.

If feeling nothing while killing people is more mentally stable than being cynical is up to your own judgement :smiley:

He does not pee as much as he did in Codename 47.