Agent 47's Mental Health

He is already damaged, because of his upbringing.
Regardless, he still was able to develop some emphaty after escaping the asylum:
-simply taking care of things (gardening/animals)
-finding a friend in father Vittorio, who claimed he can see the good in 47
-Diana a friend(?), a colleague, definitely a trustworthy ally (who could pulled such stunts as poisoning 47, or bringing ICA down; yet could count on 47 no matter what)

Before the last game he saw himself as an object. Probably he questioned some of his feelings, but since he was taught to be cold, he pushed those questions out of his mind.
Now the real question is, what is his mental state after the injection of the magic juice.
He claims, that his memories are coming back, but feels like it happened to someone else.

I think the events of Blood Money changed 47 the Franchise was eliminated he had Alexander on his case he thought Diane had betrayed him and he had to kill his pet bird.

Psychology of these things is interesting but from my understanding difficult. Psychopathy, if I understand correctly, is the state of not being moved by other people’s suffering. It does not mean that a psychopath goes around killing people but it does mean a psychopath is a better choice for a killer/soldier as they can kill without losing the plot. In other words, 47 is almost certainly a psychopath so as far as that side of things goes, he’s not going to suffer any mental health consequences as a result of murdering people. What he does, though, is a rather high-stress activity. That is likely to cause mental health issues I should think, the idea that someone is going to piece it together and get him as much as anything.


I am glad Absolution is being used in this discussion, too many people avoid it. Three things stand out most to me in this game that show 47 is not well:

  1. He acts in the moment rather than planning things out. One minute he is looking after Victoria, the next he has a gun in her face. He is not thinking things through, at the begining of Absolution he is talking about his professional pride ('This is what I do) and the next thing we see he completely betrays his duties just because Dianna hands him a letter.

  2. Agent 47 completely underestimates Dexter’s bodyguard. What made 47 attempt to fibre wire someone that big? Was it ego? Furthermore about this scene, silent assassins do not end up in burning hotels with the feds everywhere. Additionally why was he going to kill a bodyguard? Agent 47 doesn’t kill anyone but the target.

  3. For some reason 47 trusts Birdy far too easily. He kills the Chinatown kingpin, and then hands over his silverballers. WHAT!? Agent 47 would never give up his signature weapons when he was in such a bad situation. Another thing that’s strange here: Seeing birds is a stereotype within world art for being insane (or coo coo) And 47 sees Birdy and gives him all of his possessions in order to protect a girl based on a letter he received from someone he just violently shot near dead with those exact silverballers. Am I crazy or is this some messed up shit right here!?

Just a thought. Yes, 47 kills lots of people, but:

  • He mostly kills dictators, corrupt politicians, terrorists… The list goes on.
  • Killing all those terrible folks saves or improves the lives of hundreds of common people.
  • All money (that isn’t spent on equipment) is presumably spent on charities, saving even more lives.

All of this might help 47 justify all his killing.


We don’t know all of 47’s targets. He may have taken contracts on good people, but we haven’t been told about it.

Interesting a lot of people are debating whether 47 is a good/bad person, I suppose it’s very closely linked to mental health. The question is if 47 is indeed unwell, is he responsible for the bad things he has done? You could argue The Agency are using him, and that he was born to be a weapon used by other people. That’s why I like Absolution so much because 47 is acting on his own morals rather than working for someone. One of the trailers (which must be canon) shows 47 brutally executing multiple security personel But then you could argue that these security guards were targets.

I remember topics on the postman from a decade ago on the old Hitman Forum. I had a different account back then. Maybe it’s still in the archives but the postman is a much talked about thing. Ultimately no one has concluded whether 47 should have killed him or not. What I would say though, is that 47 was paranoid, and that paranoia (whether coupled with an order to execute the postman or not) controlled 47’s actions. It was a mysterious scene indeed.

It just seems out of place for him to do that yeah as players we can kill as many people as we want in a level but it seemed very cold for him to slaughter him.

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Interestingly the scenes of 47 in that hotel room mirror the art style of contracts. What if the postman scene is another memory of 47 from his eyes rather than what happened. Could be he knew the postman would eventually be killed by The Franchise, and possibly interrogated/tortured, and so 47 wishes he just gave him a quick death like we see. It could be that the postman was never killed by 47.

Gotta say I’m getting worried about the big guy

Who knows his mental state is in decline in Contracts and Blood Money which take place one after another a bullet would do that to you.