AI continues to punish snipers


I have already posted about a similar issue in another mission, but this time it´s Marrakesh Gilded Cage. Finally I could try sniper assassin using the briefcase, where I would do both shots without entering any building and run freely around the map with the sniper packed. When I got to Zaydan, I got to the school master roof top, climbed the ledge and reached that other rooftop (with the axe carved into the air conditioning). I was completely careful not to be seen, did the shot with the Ghost sniper (silent) and even there were no alarms (not seen by anyone) I decided to wait 1 or 2 minutes for the guards finish the search so I could exit easily. However, guards are swarming the front of this rooftop, running like cockroaches and looking up. There is absolutely no way anyone saw/heard the shot. I can´t leave as I will be seen.

Had a similar disappointment in Mumbai, where I took a shot from FAR away and in 1 second the guards nearby the target start shooting at me. It´s like guards are superheroes when you use a sniper rifle. Shame. This looks like it was never tested before launching.


This is a bug from the latest patch. “Should be” fixed with the next patch. I’ve done my Sniper Assassin runs under this patch though, in Marrakesh you need to wait until they are both inside the school.

Do this by triggering the fire alarm at the embassy. In Mumbai, I took out Vanya Shah close range and got the others at the construction barge, from the roof of the crow hideout by the beach. After taking out Shah, follow to the Kashmirian story to get the other targets to meet.


I did sniper assassin on this before the latest patch. Could that be the problem? I had no issues and did exactly as Op did.


you’re meant to escape before they swarm your position, it makes sense that they can guess where the shot comes from.

and guards shooting you is intentional, they don’t spot you however, they’re just shooting randomly in your direction to see if they hit something but your rating isn’t compromised


Come to think of it it’s quite ironic. If you help the Kashmirian do the sniping kills in Mumbai nobody’s gonna give a damn about it but when you do it yourself they’d rush to your position like bunnies.


There is a very good reason why all of my sniper assassin challenges are me just knocking out a target and shooting them at point blank range.

I am trying to think through mumbai at the moment. Does anyone know if the kashmirian would count for sniper assassin? (Probably not, but it is worth asking.)


Haven’t tried that myself. But if you get at least 3 stars in the mission rating then it should count as Sniper Assassin.