AI Improvements expectations

Hi to all,
I really hope that H3 would carry on significantly improvements of the AI.

For example, I don’t care about the symbolic and fictional mechanic of the coin, it is necessary for manipulate the world and make fun stuff, but i find OP the possibility to block bodyguard for isolating the target:
I think that after you bother too much a NPC, he have to becomes suspicious like in H1 (but after more time)

However, I hope that the general AI will be more challenging and complex. Ok with the possibility to run and sneaking in public but NPC have to be less dumb: you can’t just hide yourself into a wardrobe to be safe. Blood pools detection and possibility to clean blood will be a great achievement:

I don’t think IO have to fear to create a too complex experience: casual player have yet an easy mode.

Better AI means replay value:
I’ve 200 hours on H2 and I love this game. With some improvements, H3 will be no doubt the best Hitman ever made.

do you think we’ll have a significantly improvement for the AI?
(sorry for basic english)

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what i hope is that the AI becomes way more consistent. they said they’re pushing the AI to the limits in H3. (which i assumed was marketing speak, but then they said that “the AI cant be pushed further than this”. which is really risky to say because that sets a high bar for H3 AI).

so instead of nerfing the already finicky “guard with target” AI, i hope they just make it more predictable (positive connotation)

further from that… blood pool detection could work if done right.
but NPCs detecting you in closets/crates wouldn’t be good. no point in making one of the more consistent mechanics more random and frustrating.


I do hope that A.I. in H3 is improved and expanded upon, but I also keep my expectations in check. There is a lot of things I would love to see, but most of those things are more or less impossible in the current version of the engine because of some fundamental design decisions that were made almost a decade ago (at least based on my very limited understanding of the way A.I. works in Hitman).

Still, I would love to see more states and behaviors, maybe, even couple of new A.I. archetypes. And better consistency of course.

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I agree with you all. Anyway, my expectations are high but realistic. I hope they can do what is legit to expect: the new Hitman formula at its best, no revolution or something, only the improvement of what already exists

I really disliked the suspicious guard blocking. What I’d have instead is that a guard gets suspicious if you are seen trying to follow a target around for their whole cycle in a non-guard disguise

Or if you crouch too much

I’d maybe have it so if you’re seeing trying to distract someone with a thrown coin you’ll become suspicious if you do it thrice. Maybe bumping or throwing distractions won’t work on an NPC if you do if too many times. Not too difficult but just enough times to make it clear it’s punishing you for a mistake

I’m afraid that stuff like this would be really difficult to communicate to the players. In general, I see a lot of people asking for more complex and life-like A.I. without considering that such A.I. would most likely appear random. In fact, you can even do it the other way around and use randomness to create the illusion of complexity.

For instance, some might say that old disguise systems from Silent Assassin and Contracts were more realistic than the system we have now. But I think that everyone would agree that a clear cut system with magic dots over heads is way more playable than whatever the fuck that suspicion meter was doing.

So I would say that rules like “crouching too much makes people suspicious” would be fairly bad because they blur the lines and increase possible player frustration. Crouching can be suspicious or it can be not suspicious. But it can’t be conditionally suspicious, if those conditions are not clearly defined and properly communicated.


This is true. It’s not an easy problem to solve in terms of game design.

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Ok, I would like to play devil’s advocate against my own position and try to suggest possible solution to the problem I outlined in earlier post.

Suppose we do want to make certain forms of anti-social behavior punishable without making it random or frustrating. How does the game solve similar problem with suspicious behavior? It uses hud (enforcer dots, suspicion meter) and fuzzy detection (detection usually takes time, and player always gets a heads up).

The obvious problem we run into is that there is no real middle ground between suspicious and not suspicious NPCs. They either have dots above their heads or they don’t. But what if there was an additional state between these two?

Imagine that you are standing in front of the guard. The guard pays no attention to you. Suddenly you start crouching, throwing coins, and act in generally weird, but not immediately suspicious. The guard notices and remembers you, and an empty circle appears above his head (like the one enforcers have when player blends in). Now this guard is aware of 47, but he still has no reason to suspect anything sinister. But if later he suddenly sees 47 posing as a janitor or a guard, then he will get suspicious.

Basically, anti-social behavior that is not illegal results in NPCs becoming enforcers for OTHER disguises, but not the one you wear right now.

Not really sure if there’s any point to a system like that. But it seems like it could be a way to create more realistic behavior while keeping it clear and playable.

Edit: actually, could be an interesting way to deal with trespassing. What if trespassing wasn’t illegal activity but rather an anti-social one. People don’t just go into panic mode if they see 47 peacefully wondering around stuff areas, but they take note of him and turn into super-enforcers who will no longer be fooled by any disguise.

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I’ve been playing other games (e.g Assassin’s Creed, (Shadow of) Tomb Raider) after nearly completing every challenge in Hitman 1 & 2 and I gotta say the AI in Hitman is very noticeably superior. The game looks way more alive, complex and, despite the occasional bugs, more precise in terms of AI.

I’m hopeful for what to expect from what they said about pushing the AI to the limits in H3. An AI upgrade should inject more replayability for old locations with the new systems in place. Nonetheless, I’m already very satisfied with the relative state of AI, so I’m unlikely to be disappointed.


There should be AI improvements after all these years, I’d like them to have stuff you’d think isn’t too impossible, like giving NPCs a makeshift personality by making them either Type A or Type B in fields like “Distractability” (Likelihood to just pick up any coin or phone they see; likelihood to turn head at a noise; something they already have control over but they could make presets to choose from for each NPC) And “Heroism” (Likelihood to be a civilian who picks up a gun like in Blood Money) etc

However I have very low expectations, I don’t think IO will do anything that applies broadly; likely they’ll just have individual NPCs who have interesting new AI (Like The Stowaway’s ability to see you enter empty rooms and changes his path; and changing disguise)

If you read the negative Steam reviews of H2 you’d be led to believe the AI is the worst of all time

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:face_vomiting: they are the worst. People just do not understand the way the game should be played and leave bad reviews.

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My prediction :
In the bank map, they played with the idea of having one specific disguise having different rules. Depending on the answer you gave in the inverview, you were allowed to go to different rooms. It probably will be used again in the new maps since it’s adding a level of interactivity, depth and “secret to discover” (On your first playthrough, you thought the disguise only gave you access to level 2, then you play again and … WHAT! it gives also level 3! :open_mouth: )

Also, having route with more triggers (vodka bottle appearing = go drink, playing music = she go watch her trophy,…). This allow them to add more challenge, distraction methods and help the “cheese” part of their map.

Both things add complexity to the AI without risking to break old maps / challenges while also requiring more processing power (more condition to validate for every npc = harder on the cpu = pushing to the limits)

Anon41607647’s idea is interesting, but i think it can’t be used in the easy mode because making mistake means making the map harder. It would have to be used in the harders settings only.
Also, to improve on it, once the NPC is in “aware of you” mode, they might turn their head in your direction more often to check if you are still acting weird (after all, you did weird stuff and attracted their attention)

Andrea89’s idea of not being able to hide in a wardrobe might be okay. Obviously, when you go in a room, you don’t check the wardrobe, so in a regular situation, 47 should be able to hide in there. But, let’s say the guard are actively looking for you and they see you go in a room. I think i would be okay with the idea of the guard looking every where in that specific room to find you (which mean looking in wardrobe to find you … or dead bodies). If they didn’t see you go in a specific room, they don’t investigate wardrobe there. That way, it would help giving a “less dumb feel”, add more reflexion on your part (“if something’s go wrong, i can’t go back in that room”) and they won’t have to redesign every thing (Box/wardrobe still usefull)