Aiming Through Doorways

It might just be me, but does anyone else hate how, when you are pressed up against a wall and aim through a doorway, 47 fully swivels himself out from behind cover?

The animation to aim through windows is perfect and 47 doesn’t need to lift his sights up to eye level in that one, so why does he need to do such an awkward animation for doorways?

Not only does it make shooting harder because of you assuming that the dot will line up with the NPC you aim at, but then you massively overshoot the doorway (or even undershoot it), but it is also entirely unnecessary, as demonstrated by window shooting.

So, what do we all think?

  • Aye, change the aiming animation to make it more consistent (like the window-aiming one)
  • Nay, leave it as it is

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If you don’t care about this, don’t vote, but if you do, it would be interesting to see what the percentages will be.

Have a good day, all :slight_smile:

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I agree, just used a really nice peek a boo window in the gun kill this weekend in the Columbia map. Very satisfying.

Am I thinking of the right thing? Basically blind fire from around the corner.

All you have to do is simply not press against the wall and it solves your problem

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And if one want to press against the wall because one likes the window-aiming animation and was expecting for it to be the same with the doorways?

And why not change it purely to have consistence across animations? I get if it doesn’t bother you, but what benefit does keeping it so janky give?

(Happy birthday, btw :smile:)

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I am referring to the action (on Xbox) of holding down the left trigger while you are up against a wall with a gun equipped. When you do it on windows, 47 sneaks the gun out slightly and it looks a lot less dramatic and cooler, imo.

If I’m correct, are you just referring to pressing against the wall and pressing the “shoot” button without aiming first?

i hate this animation of aim! 47 hold guns in ONE ARM! Even UZI! He hear about recoil or impact?

I agree. Funny you mention this. I thought it was me. I was trying to come out of cover to shoot and I couldn’t even lock on the target. I knew something was different. Why would that have changed? So many broken things in this game.

47 has been known to be able to fire Magnum Desert Eagles one handed… as in one in each hand… he can surely hold Uzis one handed. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I would love for 47 to have an animation where he aims by holding it with two hands, he’s strong enough and skilled enough to be able to control a pistol/Uzi one-handed

If you have voted to not change it, can you give a reason why? I don’t understand what benefit an inconsistent animation provides the player

Blind firing around cover is dumb. Proper use of cover in the animations would be cool though.