Aiming weapon at target or npc quotes

Hey guys just added another favorite npc quote and it’s related to this but wanted to start a separate topic bc I don’t think it’s been covered.

I guess I hadn’t really done it that often to realize there is unique dialogue when you are aiming but not shooting at them.

Just wanted to see if anybody else has anything they may have come across.


*For instance the IT guy says something funny (refer to favorite npc quotes)

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@Euler13 made a video of subdue dialogue where 47 has them in a headlock, and after several seconds they will most usually make a remark regarding their predicament or some other inane comment (like the smell of 47’s cologne, having to be somewhere, liking it, etc.). :smile:

If a similar compilation was ever made - there’d probably need to be 3 types. 1 for Regular NPCs, Enforcers, and main targets.


Athena wants to give me money while I’m pointing a gun to her head.

All gunpoint dialogues of 1 season targets