Aliens, U.F.Os and related phenomenona

Hi guys as some of you may well know I’m a bit of a UFO nut. I’d thought it would be good to have a constructive discussion on the subject. I’d also like to hear any of your stories whether you have witnessed the phenomenona yourself or know others who have done. Feel free to post articles, videos and pictures but please try and stray away from obvious hoaxes and other silliness.

This is an article on a UFO crash in Aurora, Texas, 1897 50 years before Roswell. This case is extremely interesting and was before the times of mass communication and media influence. This is a good article with scans of original newspaper reports from the local paper. This case has never been proven or disproved it remains a mystery and is possibly the first recovery of a dead E.B.E (Extra Terrestrial Biological Entity) that was supposedly buried in the towns graveyard. In short a spacecraft crashlanded in the town and the people retrieved a dead E.B.E. even gave it a Christian burial. marked with an unusual headstone. There were many witnesses and it was reported in the local paper.
Please follow the link below for more information and the original story.


I’m a fellow U.F.O nut :joy: although I’m a Ghost/Paranormal nut too :open_hands:



Please post some articles, share your stories etc.


Was it taken with Nikon P07470 hd ?

Sure, I have some interest too, I have some periods from time to time to check out UFO’s and ghosts, and have been doing it for the last month :slight_smile:. I will check out your article after work. I think the Zimbabwe case could be one of the most “legit”, school children saw landing Aliens in-front of them, video:

And the Travis Walton case, although it seems like he’s full of shit, there was supposedly 4-5 witnesses seeing this meters away,

Also, this guy, he seems believable, and they caught the thing on radar as-well. 1:09:48 into the clip.

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Thanks for your post, I’ll check them out shortly. The Aurora crash is one of the first I’d not the first documented crash and retrieval of a body. I thought it would make a good first post!

Skinny Bob they call him. Possibly the only video on the Internet of an alien that has not been debunked. This was uploaded in 2011, before all the advances in Cgi. What are your thoughts? I believe this to be real. Its not animtronics and it sure isn’t a man in a suit. Look how his face moves, how his head kind of pulsates.



I love reading about all this stuff and I do believe in aliens but that skinny Bob video looks so fake :smile:. I can’t believe the galaxy being as big as it is that we are the only advanced life around. So god damn annoying that we will never know for 100% either way.

Edit: The first story was interesting but I’m sure someone would have dug the body up and proved it if it is still there like it says.

That’s irrelevant, because it has a shit quality anyway. I remember i was excited about this video back in 2011 too. But now… naaah, can’t be true :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah looks fake, but a very neat creation. Especially the blinking of the eyes, it looks the same every time, and it feels exaggerated, like “Hey look at this, he’s even blinking, he’s real!”. The face is also stiff, we humans have 40+ muscles in our face, and by his appearance, there should at least be some minor twitches from him, but it’s only the eyes that blinks, and his eyebrows that moves a little, the rest is stationary, this screams of being a Mask. Also the quality is nerfed, to hide flaws, and to make it more spooky.

Also, people create aliens with big heads, because they think a larger brain makes one smarter, which is a failure.

The Government retrieved the body, they obviously didn’t want a huge panic about it so they sent in a retrieval team. The corpse is probably with all the other artifacts and other Biological material that they don’t want us to now about. Did you read about the pieces of metal that were analysed from the grave? One out of the few pieces could not be identified and sent off to some experts for further analysis it went ‘missing’

As soon as you get close to real tangible evidence the government take it away. You follow these breadcrumbs and as soon as you’re there its gone. Its frustrating. I’m going to find the truth if it takes me my whole life I want to know we all need to know. They can’t keep hiding the truth.

It’s a hoax. Sadly. A good one. I did some digging and found a few articles the footage was examined by some experts and a few Cgi buffs. Its Cgi with filters and other effects added in a video editing program. Would have cost around £500 and 10 days to make. You can see the articulation of the aliens face and it’s all a little too fluid for the 1940s. Also the kgb symbol gives it away a little there’s other pictures of the symbol in other UFO videos without the black bars over the Cyrillic text. The time stamp is all wrong, wrong format and they didn’t use time stamps until the 1960s, it could have been added later but why?

Also they hide the eyes and the texture of the skin is a little washed out. Its very hard to get eyes right and skin texture back in 2011 anyway in Cgi.
I admit it had me going a good hoax. The only question is why isn’t there more of these over the Internet? Surely with all the tech now why aren’t people making more alien videos? Anyway I’ll be off for a while… Getting through the definitive book on Roswell.

Didn’t see those bits I just read the body was still there and something about high traces of aluminium but yeah that makes more sense then. Haha well if you ever find out let me know :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I love all this stuff but so many hoaxes out there makes it annoying and hard to believe anything.

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You know, there is also a chance that we are a simulation, would also explain why we never seen any aliens.

Yes the Simulation Hypothesis. Are we all living in a smiluated world, a world made by higher beings? Whos controlling us? Do we have a destiny? Is it predetermined. What is real and what isn’t? I guess it’s all about ones perception. You perceive what is real and reality is based on what you sense and alot of it we take for granted because people tell us what is real and what is fake. How do they know? Billions of people belive in a God, I don’t am I wrong or not? When we die do we get unplugged? Do we return to non simulation world ala matrix? Or are we just all characters in the Sims on a mega scale. Ahhh my brain is spinning just thinking about it.

There was talk of exhuming the body but the Town wouldn’t allow it due to no next of kin. The townsfolk didn’t want bodies being exhumed as it’s a very old cemetery with unmarked gravesend and they didn’t want people poking around I guess. Its clear the government retrieve the Alien it’s not still there otherwise it would have been dug up and posted everywhere.

Here’s his/hers/it’s gravestone

Sounds like it was all just a big hoax the town was in on to me :smile:. If it ever was there no way the government didn’t move it already like you said. You got anymore stories?