All ballers

I know we have a topic between the “SilverBaller” & “BlackBaller” But out of ALL OF THEM, which “Baller” from any Hitman game is your favorite??

C: 47


HC / HBM (Basically the same)

Hitman Absolution:


AND as an added Bonus, which FIBERWIRE is your favorite as well?




Or Absolution’s “INVISIBLE STRING?” :smile: :laughing:

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This might be a better image to use for Hitman 6’s baller

Also btw I’m still trying to figure out how the fuck to install this badass mod so if you can help thank you Glacier Tex Editor (Tool used To Install Mods) Issues

Back on topic;

Personally I like Hitman 6’s the most. Pure black, very sleek. I like it. Silverballers always seemed unprofessional, almost awkward to me. Loved the 9mm silenced back in Hitman 2.

As for fibre wire I like Hitman 2’s the best. Seems more detailed than the others for some reason.


The Golden Ballers which were planned to be DLC for Absolution but were cancelled, and usable 47’s tie which suffered the same fate. I hope they appear in future games.

Out of the ones listed, probably Blood Money. From Fiber Wires, either CN47 or Contracts/Blood Money.

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Thanks for the updated pic. Yeah ya know, long ago when I first started playing Hitman I thought the same thing. How the ballers seemed “odd” / unprofessional for a Hitman. But I gotta say, throughout the years they really grew on me a lot and I Love them now!! I dunno, me personally, I like them better than the Blackballers. I’m just so used to comparing 47 to them and I just feel they are apart of him, like they “belong” lol but I do however, respect your opinion :wink:

In regards to your “mod issue” I’ve never done anything like that before so I have no clue how to help you…sorry man :neutral_face:
They look great though, good luck!

Blood Money for both, though I think C47’s fiber wire had a more functional design.

Also, concerning professionalism… I believe the AMT Hardballers were all steel/“silver”. So for all intents and purposes, silverballers are the more “realistic” variant. Or at least the most true to life. I don’t see 47 caring much about what looks professional. Not painting his weapons would probably be the most utilitarian approach. I don’t see silverballers as “unprofessional” in any way.

I have no problem with blackballers either. In fact, one of my favorite mods for Blood Money was one that retextured the silverballers black. It was pretty awesome… wonder if it’s still floating around here somewhere.

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Hitman 1 and 2 are basically the exact model of the actual amt hardballer. I do prefer hitman absolution’s the most. They are absolutely iconic and were on the spotlight in hitman absolution despite being missing the first half of the game.

The balck baller image is fake or fan made from the Absolution one. The logo its not on the slide but on the frame on the Blackballer on that side of the image

I like the Ballers from Contracts, and the fiber wire from Hitman 2.

The blackballer image he used is from, it’s a weapon reskin for Blood Money

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Hitman 2 Ballers just because of that Sound and that push that sent people Flying over.
Codename 47 Fibrewire… Tense and very satisfying when you pull it off just right.

Yeah, I just love the silverballers in general. To me they are just as iconic and important to 47, as his red tie and barcode. I just think they belong with 47 and to switch them from his original to Blackballers seem odd to me. Especially seeing how 47 reacts to his ballers in Absolution in the mission “birdies gift.” 47 walks up to them in the case and admirers them like he’s watching porn for the first time :laughing: And just how he responds to the owner of the gun shop, saying “their mine…” Just gave me chills, like yes, 47! Indeed they are! And also how he says in 47’s briefing " I have been adrift for to long" like obviously he loves them silverballers and he ain’t gonna rest till he gets them back! Now you would think if they are that important to him, why would he just ditch them for the Blackballers?.. That’s like giving him a purple tie in the new game and having 47 just wear it all the time without question, like its no big deal. Almost like he always wore it from the very beginning (c47)…which would be very odd… :smile: I don’t know, I just feel very strongly towards the silverballers, they make him and according how he acts towards them in absolution…they complete him. Its his trademark, along with his fiberwire, tie, and barcode… You take all that away then you don’t have 47, you just have a bald Hitman.