All episodes lost? XBox One X


I’ve bought season one. My Xbox updated ready for my Xbox X arriving. Now when I play it, all missions are unavailable, they say I haven’t got them and it takes me to the Hitman store where the only things on offer are the GOTY edition and an additional paid-for mission. I’ve can’t even re download the episodes!
It’s a digital download edition on Xbox one.



I’ve seen a lot of issues with not being able to re-download episodes, particularly from Xbox users. Is there something wrong to do with the Microsoft Store/Xbox Store?


Sorted. Although I’d still got all the episodes showing, it took me four hours to re-download them all, then I see there’s another episode I have to separately pay for? That’s not very good after four hours going in and out of the store over and over again round and round in a loop, just to get access to missions I’d already got on my Xbox! It kept telling me I had to buy the game of the year edition.
Thank you for you reply though.


I have the same problem but I can’t even redownload the episodes. Can anyone help me? @Travis_IOI?