All none-forbiddance challenges should be in-game-completed

There are some challenges that when you finish what it requires, it doesn’t complete in the game, but you have to finish the entire mission then you can find out it’s marked as newly completed in the summary page.

I think generally there are 2 types of challenges:

  1. Forbiddance challenge. It requires you to follow certain restrictions till the end of the mission. These type of challenge keeps tracking your record until you finish the mission. Then it makes sense: it will be judged in the end summary.
  2. None-forbiddance challenge. It requires you to do certain things but no restrictions are involved, which means when you finish it, it should be immediately judged as completed. Don’t let the player wait till the end of the game. Otherwise it delivers an uncertain feedback: is it a bug? Did I do it in wrong ways?

Anyway, if it’s just a bug, then it should be fixed.