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With the release of the No Time To Die trailer for Daniel Craig’s final outing as MI6 Agent 007 and a confirmed release date of April 8th here in the States I decided that since the HMF hasn’t had a proper thread to discuss the series and debate about it. With that please respect the forums guidelines and for this thread specifically use SPOILER TAGS during some instances especially regarding a new film.

If you haven’t seen the trailer and are interested in doing so I will provide a link.

As for my thoughts on the trailer I’m kinda sad that this is Craig’s last outing as Bond since I enjoyed is performance throughout Casino Royale all the way through Specter despite the varying quality of the films with some being bad/mediocre to some being good. Craig’s portrayal of Bond is the one I personally grew up with during the 18 (almost 19 years of my existence) and I definitely look forward to seeing the film upon its release.

Any-who what’s your opinion on the trailer and anything 007/ Bond related.


I am super excited to see this movie, and to me Craig is one of the best Bonds. But it is clear his heart is no longer in the role, and I would rather see someone else come in who has a passion for the role than forcing him to stay.


Oh thank God… I seen a ‘trailer’ yesterdaybut not this one… The one I seen had what seemed to be behind-the-scenes footage of filming as some sort of teaser for (this) trailer. I was like DAFUK lol.
Also I cannot express how thankful I am they didn’t go n make bond into a damn female. :unamused::roll_eyes::rofl:
Still wish they’d find a better (well not ‘better’; Craig Is good but he isn’t suave enough for bond… And c’mon he’s way to old to be suave anyway lol)

Henry Cavill would be my choice as the next Bond, i’ve never really been a fan of Daniel Craig in the role, every Actor before has always been a likeable character, but i don’t get that from Daniel Craig, not him as a person, obviously, just how he plays Bond :smile:

I’m a big Bond fan, so always happy to talk Bond. Personally, I think my biggest take away from this is that they have the guts to follow through with the ending of Spectre. Bond is still with Madeline as No Time to Die’s beginning presumably, and we get to see Blofeld again. Be interesting to see if Blofeld is just a cameo, or he plays a bigger part. I kindof want Blofeld to get a second chance, and to be killed off as this is almost certainly Craig’s last movie, but I don’t want Blofeld to overshadow Rami Malek’s villian.

Hard to say too much else, we really don’t know that much about the plot really. It looks gorgeous, I think Cary Fukunaga is going to be a great director. To me, say what you will about Spectre, I think it had great direction, its problems were down almost always due to the very weak script, which apparently was constantly being rewritten right up until the film started shooting. Really, I think No Time to Die will have great direction, it is just hoping that the script is up to snuff. It is no secret that No Time to Die seems to have suffered from production problems, even if alot of it has been exagerrated for newspaper headlines.

So yeah, I feel optimistic. Craig isn’t my Bond, but I think he makes for a damn great Bond, and want his Bond to have a great exit. Certainly, Connery, Moore, and Brosnan all left on quite low notes, I want Craig to end of a high.

Yea, I heard a lot about the production issues and just a lot of “leaks”. I’m definitely glad to see Felix Leiter return especially since I think Jeffery Wright plays him perfectly.

Along with this and these “leaks” about seeing Mads Mikkelson again and just flashbacks I just look forward to this film and to have a proper conclusion to a Bond Era especially in Craig’s little universe.

But Cavill does have competition…

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I’m so hyped for this time. A part of the movie was made near where I live, in Gravina and Matera, between the regions of Puglia and Basilicata, two cities I often visit. Seeing James Bond in familiar locations make me feel so happy.

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That looks AWESOME :hugs::ok_hand:

That looks so promising, an EPIC conclusion to the Daniel Craig franchise, my favourite Bond :heart:

I’m definitely hitting theaters in April to see that :+1:

I dunno its really hard to decide, and it really depends on your opinion of Bond. For me Sean Connery was the perfect Bond. He was suave and badass at the same time. Since then bonds have been really only been suave. Like Pierce Brosnan to me always felt like he had the Suave part down and although Goldeneye was great he never really felt badass. Daniel Craig has the opposite problem. He is almost only badass. He lacks the suave you expect from Bond, but he makes up for it in ass kicking power. After having “suave only” Bond for so long I really liked seeing a Bond that actually kicked ass. But I would say whoever it is that takes over Bond next time really needs to have both again. They need to have Suave and Badassery on lock.

I would like Henry Cavill or Ryan Gosling honestly. I think both could bring something new and interesting to Bond.

Behind the Scenes, Bike Jump Stunt from NO TIME TO DIE:

The ramp is removed digitally later. :wink:


You solved my doubt about that “ramp”. Watching the trailer I was confused because I went a lot of time to that square and I never saw that

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Yep… CGI is most frequently used on background assets. Might surprise you not so much how many shots are not 100% real, but more where it is real and where it isn’t. :slight_smile:

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I found this video the other day. It is pretty well made and gives me a lot nostalgic feelings. What is more memorable than James himself, gadgets, and ladies? Definitely his cars!

In the latest trailer, a lot of cars can be seen as well. And Aston Martin fans will definitely be pleased, like the classic DB5 with hidden machine guns, the V8 Vantage from ‘The Living Daylights’, and a DBS Superleggera driven by the other double O agent. I can’t wait to see the film and these beautiful machines! :heart_eyes: :red_car:

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Pretty impressive! And why are they doing the stunt without safety harnesses for the rider? Am I missing something here?

The rider is a professional stunt rider. And the real jump isn’t that dangerous.

In fact it would be more dangerous with a harness as the landing is on a higher level than the stunt’s starting point.

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Christ, that was good. Havn’t looked too hard, but certainly from the Bond fans online comments I’ve seen, I think most really enjoy it. Do we know if Daniel Klienman is coming back to do the titles for this, because I can’t wait to see them paired with this song. Wonderful.

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Its definitely is good in the sense that you can tell by the song that it’s the end of an era for bond. I won’t look at the comments since it will largely consist of Billie fans who will probably only see this film because her song will be in the opening credits. It’s hard to believe that come April this will be it in terms of Craig who has been Bond for such a long time now. I grew up with this Bond and have him alongside Sean Connery as one of my favorites.

The song feels melancholic and if you listened to the Craig films songs in order it makes sense seeing as where Sam Smith left off back on Specter. Billie definitely brought a fitting end to Craig’s films in terms of opening music, but it won’t make me invest anymore time into her music.

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