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I cheesed the fuck out of this. Destroy one ship, grav jump out, heal shields, repair hull if necessary, go back into the fray. Rinse and repeat.


that mission is really hard if you play it early, theres not really anything else in the game like it - best tactic is to get right under the big ship and turn off your engines, you can power up your weapons and enemies can barely touch you. going upside down worked well for me too

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So, on Friendships/Romances in this game, I gotta say so far (and I think I’ve done 90% of the main quest) it falls short of other games that you’re bound to compare it to, like Mass Effect or Cyberpunk 2077.
When Judy decided to leave Night City in my first playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077, I felt legitemately gutted, and I felt super invested in my friend quests and making sure everyone survived in the Mass Effect games.
Romancing Pan Am in Cyberpunk 2077 also felt a lot more real than any of the awkward flirting moments in this.

I’ve felt sort of detached in this. When staying at the Lodge or going to the Eye showed up as an option I knew I was chosing between characters, but when I lost Sam, I truly didn’t feel all that bad..

None of the character relationships feel all that real to me in this game. I believe it is because the friend quests are just something that happens after you’ve made enough decisions that the characters “liked” while in the background. It feels very passive.

I feel like the friend quests could’ve been spread out over the course of the game instead, with some moments being integrated into the main quest. If I was going on quests that were deeply important to a character over a longer time period, and sharing intense moments and experiences with them over time while having involved conversations about what was happening, as you do in Cyberpunk, I might’ve felt differently.
I also feel like the conversations being these typical Bethesda convos where we’re just standing upright in front of eachother face to face, instead of something more organic has an effect as well.
Talking while sitting next to eachother in cars, by campfires, and so on just hits differently (Cyberpunk again).


I’m also playing The Witcher 3 these days, specifically Blood and Wine, and it’s so gosh-dang obvious how good blocking and staging and direction and scene-setting contribute to the engagement in a scene of dialogue or exposition… it’s frankly bewildering that games in 2023 are still doing this “stare at talking NPC in medium closeup with no dynamism whatsoever” approach.


I realize that BGS want to do a lot of the little conversations organically, so they can happen whenever, making this more difficult, but I feel like it could’ve been solved. One idea might be to have the conversations play out while grav jumping. Like you go into the grav jump cutscene, and then it cuts to the character approaching you where you’re sitting in your pilot’s seat, and you have a convo while grav jumping (which I assume isn’t literally instant).

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I was big into No Man’s Sky around 2018-2020 but fell off hard after I’d felt I’d experienced most of what the game had to offer (at the time). This has led me to not want to do any stupid scanning in Starfield. I am very much not interested in scanning all these things, especially as you have to get each flora/fauna multiple times.

So I’m following the main mission and getting distracted every ten minutes by a side quest or treasure or something. I’m trying really hard to not pick everything up but my brain just wants all those dead mercs’ guns.

I’m having fun with it and I accept that I’m going to be in this world for probably hundreds of hours. I haven’t done any ship or outpost buying/building and I am not really in a rush to do so. I also haven’t used the workbenches/research station nonsense, though I acknowledge that these will come in handy further down. I’m not super interested in weapon modding— maybe things haven’t gotten hard enough to need it yet.

I do hope some of the cumbersome menu paths get tweaked a bit, and for some QOL updates down the road. I’m on XBOX so no mods for me. For example it would be cool if when you’re in the lame terrain map and you see various white hexagonal quest markers, you could click one to change to that quest. Little stuff like that.


I kind of hate this game, but I keep playing it.

I am drawn into the little side stories, the characters, how they got here and what they’re doing to survive.

The writing is stiff and the NPCs are stiffer. And yet, there’s some compelling storytelling to be found, through all the bullshit.

And oh, the bullshit. By now the game’s flaws have been well documented. It can’t be overstated how much some of these flaws affect the moment to moment gameplay. This game has serious UI and QOL issues that you really need to be able to shrug off if you want to get any enjoyment.

Also the fucking thing crashes about once per game session on my Xbox SS.

Sometimes I catch myself saying out loud, “Jesus this game is garbage.” Sometimes I throw a grenade and watch a merc blow up and a smile crosses my face.

Don’t get me wrong though: this game is worse than it is good. The moments of frustration far outweigh those of joy, and very very rarely do I actually experience that elation or surprise that a good gaming experience can provide.

I’m going to focus on finishing the main quests and the faction quests and then hang this one up for a while.