All Trilogy Maps Ranked

Generally, left is better than the right (but not always). Don’t read too much into it.

Ambrose Island would be in the “Fun but not the best” category, left side.

Fun Maps

  1. Hokkaido has the setting, freedom, and flow. Every time this map gets played, it never feels dull or repetitive. The word exotic perfectly describes the map and it feels like the developers learned their lessons with the previous Hitman 2016 maps to give us a location that’s fun to explore and what you need is always nearby.

  2. Miami has that celebration/party vibe that makes for a great atmosphere. This is a case of a large map done right - every place has a purpose and helps you in your goals in some way. There’s plenty of ways to kill the targets and all of them are fun to do.

  3. Haven Island has an interesting setting with good flow in moving around the map. It handled the 3 targets well and didn’t feel like a chore to complete. However, there’s a little too much running around and if that was reduced, it would be perfect.

  4. Dubai has the right size and the up-in-the-clouds setting is cool. But killing Marcus Stuyvesant wasn’t as fun. The setup of the assassination and the ways he could be killed were less satisfying than killing both of them at the same time.

  5. New York is an example of how to do an objective correctly. It’s a small map, but Hitman games do small size maps better than larger ones and it’s all because of how much better flow the whole map has. The fact that there’s 2 ways to finish the objective and they completely change how cautious you have to be and what routes you should take, is excellent design.

Fun but not the best

  1. Mendoza has the perfect size and every area has a purpose. Good atmosphere but I don’t think the environment is as interesting as the ones in the top tier.

  2. Hawke’s Bay is a really simple map meant as an introduction to Hitman 2 (2018). But it’s fun to play, especially as a warmup. Only real downside is the long beach run to get to the building but that can be solved with changing the starting location.

  3. Ambrose Island captures the mercenary vibe well and the different parts of the map are fun to explore. The male target is not a fun to deal with as the female, and the objective I have mixed feelings on. It doesn’t feel like a chore to do, but by taking it out, they could’ve given the male target more interesting options with the freed up space. Overall, fun but a little lacking.

  4. Whittleton Creek has a great, suburban setting that references back to Hitman: Blood Money’s mission called “A New Life”. And this would’ve been a perfect level, but they just had to put in an objective in there. It kills the smooth flow of being a hunter in a neighborhood to being a collector.

  5. Chongqing has that cyberpunk feel to it and the story of Hitman 3 when you get here just adds to the serious atmosphere. It’s fun to navigate, but a little too much time is spent on the lab. Also thank GOD the objective becomes optional after the 1st playthrough. They learned their lesson from Whittleton Creek.

  6. Santa Fortuna’s only sin is being too big. That’s it. The numerous ways to kill the targets and the areas they’re in are fun to explore.

  7. Berlin is super engaging the 1st time you play it. That feeling of being hunted but then being the hunter, is a fantastic feeling to have. Previous Hitman games have had it and it’s refreshing to see it here again. But on subsequent playthroughs it’s a bit too easy, no matter what starting location you use.


  1. Dartmoor is super fun playing as the detective…but it came at the expense of giving the player other options. The setting reminds me of Beldingford Manor from Hitman: Contracts but less dark. A great location but the replay value is lower than what it should be. But still, it’s uniqueness is something to admire and it’s still fun to play.

  2. Carpathian Mountains…At the top when I said don’t read too much into the left/right placements, this is a good example why. While I wouldn’t say it’s better than those on the right, the story building up to this and the kill everyone vibe is still fun. The music that plays while outside the train just adds to a finale-adrenaline-pumping moment. Basically it feels like a conclusion and plays fine like that.

  3. Isle of Sgail was the hardest one to place. It has a cool premise but the targets and how you get to them feel surprisingly linear. It just feels like the map needed better flow to it and less linear-feeling areas. The linearity is noticeable if you try to get to the top of the buildings.

  4. Mumbai was way too big. It felt like most of the time was spent running and less on actually planning hits. Finding Wazir Kale every playthrough is a chore too. The Kashmirian sniper who can kill 2 of the 3 targets is the best part about this mission.

  5. Paris is a great place for a level, but killing the male target wasn’t that fun. Hitman 2016 in general didn’t have good flow for the maps but by Hokkaido this was fixed. It’s the 1st mission and Hitman 2016 was episodically released but the developers learned their lesson with Hitman 2 and 3. Also, getting Silent Assassin didn’t feel that great here either.

  6. Sapienza is liked by a lot and I’m 99% certain it’s because of the setting. Putting 2 targets + infiltrating a lab to destroy a virus wasn’t the best idea. The map would feel better if it was 2 targets only or 1 target + the objective. Doing all 3 things just made it drag on for too long. There’s also a bunch of space that really doesn’t serve much purpose either.

  7. Marrakesh is too narrow. The consulate area was way more fun than where General Zaydan was. If the map focused more on the consulate and Zaydan hung around the bazaar, it would have felt way better.


Bangkok is just wasted potential. It’s got a nice aesthetic but that left side of the map is way too limited in what you can do. This mission could’ve been Traditions of the Trade 2.0 from Hitman: Contracts but instead, it felt like Amendment XXV from Hitman: Blood Money with modifications.


This is how you don’t design a map. Too many targets (4), too big, going from area to area feels so limiting (bad flow), and an objective on top of that. The only good thing about it, is to remind people why bigger isn’t always better.

What’s your ranking?


I don’t know if I rushed through H3 too quickly and I got overwhelmed, but Mendoza never clicked for me that much. It is a good map but I like it least from all H3 maps, can’t even tell why. Maybe it really was just fatigue.

Other than that: I would rate Paris and Sapienza one tier higher, other than that you made a pretty good list!


Totally see what you mean, Mendoza is a little dry. But I think what makes it so good-- at least in my mind-- is how classic it feels. Minus the whole “Diana in the map” thing, it could easily slot into Silent Assassin or Blood Money with its level and character design. It’s a map that is elevated by turning off mission stories, wandering around, and making your own way. Plus: sniping is so much fun on contracts and elusive targets!

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S tier: Hokkaido, Berlin, Mumbai

A tier: Sapienza, Miami, Haven, Dartmouth, Chongqing

B tier: Paris, Marrakesh, Whittleton, Bank, Dubai, Mendoza

C tier: Colombia, Ambrose

D tier: Sgail

F tier: Bangkok, Colorado

I didn’t rank any small maps, but I really liked freeform training. It reminds me of classic hitman mission more than any other maps in the trilogy.

From Best to Worst

  1. Berlin
  2. Miami
  3. Hokkaido
  4. Paris
  5. Mendoza
  6. Mumbai
  7. Marrakech
  8. Sapienza
  9. New York
  10. Dubai
  11. Santa Fortuna
  12. Dartmoor
  13. Chongqing
  14. Whittleton Creek
  15. Isle of Sgail
  16. Ambrose Island
  17. Colorado
  18. Haven Island
  19. Hawkes Bay
  20. Carpathian Mountains
  21. Bangkok
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Ambrose Island would be in the “Good” category for me. There wasn’t really any location I found bad or boring (besides Romania).


+Ambrose Island is A.

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Mendoza was difficult to place but I realized it was the setting that didn’t interest me, not the gameplay itself. Hence why I put it in the 2nd highest tier but it could easily go in “Decent”.

Thanks, though I can understand Paris being higher, I can’t say the same about Sapienza. I just felt like it had some bloat that could’ve been cut and it would’ve been a fantastic map.

It reminded me of that Chilean map from Blood Money but I preferred the Blood Money one. The location was smaller but it had more interesting areas.

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Ambrose has better pacing than Colombia. I don’t think Ambrose is that bad where it belongs in c tier. That belongs to Bangkok. I can understand the rest of your placements though.

All the maps below Colorado have better design to them. Otherwise, understandable list.


I don’t see Sgail as amazing. It felt more limiting than it should. I also don’t see how the train map is worse than Colorado. At least the train had an epic final level feel to it, Colorado had bad flow to it.

Putting Colorado in A is biggest hot take ever. I will never understand it. At least with Carpathian Mountains I can see where people are coming from (even if I disagree) but not with Colorado.

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I like your list, it would be close to mine. I would just swap New York and Dubai with Santa Fortuna and Mumbai.

Last year, I would have had Mendoza as B, but spending a good amount of time creating a contract on it last fall gave me an appreciation for it.


You’ve pretty much summed up my list: I had the same thing with Mendoza after spending some time looking for all the contract opportunities and had a great time. I do feel that some maps I dislike can be really good for contracts, but the missions and side missions on them are a bit of a letdown. I don’t really like rating the maps though, because I feel like there might be some potential in a lot of them that I haven’t yet discovered.

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I am very early with Ambrose, and I might even place it in C tier by itself now and dropping Santa Fortuna down to D with Sgail. I agree with you with Bangkok being better than Colorado, but I’ve always ranked them in the bottom together since the first game :laughing:

That’s ok cuz you can change the ratings later.

Only map in d tier would be Colorado. C is more debatable but I only think Bangkok could qualify. The trilogy as a whole has good map design, it just got better as time went on. Bangkok and Colorado are the only ones with truly awful designs, everything else has enough good to be fun to play.


I feel like I have a unique spin on mine, but here it is. I actually struggled to put anything at C or Below, pretty crazy how good a job IO did.

I really didn’t like the bank lol, the interior only aspect wasn’t my cup of tea.

Sorry, but I’ll never understand putting Colorado in the same tier as Mendoza and Berlin. I also don’t understand Sgail and New York being worse(?) than Colorado???

Even if the indoor thing wasn’t for you, it still had better design than Colorado.

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Might be a personal bias thing, but idk I always liked roaming around Colorado seeing the different opportunities. And the atmosphere was pretty interesting.

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I would rate Colorado fairly decently. It has issues namely having 4 targets and for a time the forced secondary objective. But it has a rather unique tone and setting in the early part of the Hitman series by being removed from the lavish settings to the more gritty military setup with a more old fashioned infiltration.
It was perhaps too sudden of a tonal shift and perhaps if this map was released with Hitman 2 when the game started to get a bit darker (Plus some overall map improvements), I think this map would of gone down a bit better.

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Colorado has grown on me a lot over the past 2-3 years. Both as mission and as a map. It still feels like it should’ve/could’ve done more to accommodate its 4 targets (Berg in particular feels incredibly undercooked), but it has a lot of cool stuff going for it and great atmosphere. I agree that the sudden tonal shift from the other H1 maps hurt it quite a bit at the time, but now, in the context of the whole trilogy, it stands out much better, even if design-wise it’s not so good like the map’s that came later.


I thought I’d go a bit more into detail:

Worst to best this time:

(21) - Bangkok

Whilst I don’t hate this map, it’s probably the only map in the game I actively dislike. The Hotel Mission is almost a staple of the franchise and this mission is a let down on that front. The recording studio is certainly a highlight, but the awkward placement of the CCTV console and only 2 routes to Jordans Penthouse suit-only makes this a bit of a nightmare, and it’s obvious SASO was a bit of an afterthought

(20) - Romania

Not much to say that people already haven’t. I found it to be a satisfying conclusion to the WOA story, and the presentation of the mission is also top notch.

(19) - Hawkes Bay

It’s a quality map that could have used a bit more quantity. The atmosphere in this mission is criminally underrated.

(18) - Haven Island

This is completely personal preference, but Haven Island never really clicked with me and is one of my least played maps. I find the setting to be a little dull, but the music is absolutely stellar, especially in the Server Room

(17) - Colorado

Colorado has grown on me over the past couple of years. It’s best to not look at Colorado as a Hitman map but more of its own unique thing. I’m also a big fan of the overall vibe, and almost every NPC being armed adds some stakes to the mission. ( I don’t like to restart when I make mistakes)

(16) - Ambrose Island

Very solid map, but I’ve tried to ignore my recency bias and look at it objectively. It’s certainly a very good map, although it does miss some things that were in others, such as mission stories and more challenges

(15) - Isle of Sgail

I fucking love Isle of Sgail, the atmosphere is unbeatable. The music is awesome and some of the kills we got were instant classics. Navigating the map can feel awkward at times though.

(14) - Whittleton Creek

An all around great map, Janus is one of the best targets in the game and the setting is gorgeous. Would be ranked higher if more of the houses could be entered

(13) - Chongqing

One of the most beautiful worlds that I’ve experienced in gaming, right up there with Europa from Destiny 2. I would have loved if this was Hitman 3’s version of Sapienza, with a huge map full of shops and houses. The ICA Facility is a big standout, but those damn security dongles suck big time.

(12) - Dartmoor

Excellent atmosphere, though a little too easy by my tastes. I would have loved if there were a few more enforcers or any security cameras. The default starting suit is one of the best

(11) - Santa Fortuna

I know this won’t be a particularly popular place to put Santa Fortuna, but I really enjoy it. The targets are really far apart but I don’t know how that could realistically have been changed.

(10) - Dubai

Absolutely love the setting, the targets are some of my personal favourites. A skyscraper mission was one of the most fan requested maps back in the day, right up there with an airport and ski resort.

(9) - New York

Everything about this map feels like it has purpose. Every area feels perfectly utilised, probably the most consistently great map if that makes any sense.

(8) - Sapienza

I know what you’re thinking, Sapienza is a great map don’t get me wrong, but having played it for about 6 years, it’s feeling a little stale personally.

(7) - Marrakech

Before I’m crucified for ranking this above Sapienza, hear me out. Much like Colorado, Marrakech was one of the maps that kind of got swept under the rug and ignored. Though as time went on, I’ve really come to appreciate this map. Don’t get me wrong, the consulate is horribly designed and it features the tamest riot in history, but it still nails the political crisis atmosphere they went for, which is quite unique in the franchise.

(6) - Mumbai

Absolutely love this one. I always appreciate a map that has a strong contrast between one part and another, for example, the slums and Rangan’s tower. It makes the map feel more alive, and I’m pretty sure it has the most amount of NPC’s in franchise history. Overall excellent level design, especially the train station and Rangan Tower

(5) - Mendoza

I’d call this the “sleeper hit” of Hitman 3. I was especially hyped for Dubai, Dartmoor and Chongqing, and when Mendoza was revealed it felt a little… Flat in comparison. It took a while to grow on me but when it did, I simply adored it. After all the chaos of Hitman 3’s story, this felt like a return to form, a classic assassination and the spiritual ending of the WOA campaign, not to mention Diana taking a more active role was great to see.

(4) - Paris

I’ll be the first to admit that this is absolutely a biased opinion. This map feels nostalgic and is probably my most played in the series. I was simply blown away the first time I played it. Much like New York, top to bottom, the map is excellently designed. 47 Walking the catwalk was instantly iconic :joy:

(3) - Hokkaido

The finale of Hitman 2016 was damn near perfect. The setting was absolutely stunning, the kills were brutal and the disguise to open doors mechanic was surprisingly a great success. It was also the first time you were forced to start the mission without a loadout, which I still often do when running this map.

(2) - Miami

The hype for Hitman 2 was ridiculous, mainly because of the marketing of Miami. I’ve never seen a Hitman map this willing to take risks, it’s experimental but extremely successful. As a Formula 1 fan, this map is simply a joy to return to time and time again.

(1) - Berlin

In my opinion, Berlin in the magnum opus of IO Interactive’s level design throughout the entire Hitman Franchise. There’s just so much depth to this map, and more than any I’ve played, rewards putting in the time to learn how it all links up. Let’s not forget the atmosphere and the music is electric, and the 'choose your own targets" concept is very well implemented here


The gameplay matters more than the aesthetics. Bangkok and Colorado prove that just because it’s a cool place doesn’t matter if the gameplay feels like a chore.

More like it should’ve cut down the targets. 4 is too much.