Alt Tab broken on PC

Hitman 2 worked fine but ever since Hitman 3 was released, I am having difficulty using ALT+TAB in Windows 10 20H1.

When I’m in-game and press ALT+TAB, the H3 screen flickers for a split second and mouse cursor completely disappears and I cannot control other apps as expected.

To resolve this problem, I need to mouse left-click and then the mouse cursor appears and I am able to move the cursor and click (focus on) other apps and use them.

It seems like H3 instantly recaptures the mouse and regains mouse focus when you ALT+TAB.

Anyone else have this issue?

(I have two monitors, and an nVidia RTX2080, latest driver)

Personally I have no issues with using Alt+Tab.
I run the game with Exclusive Full Screen.
If you using other mode, try to use it.
Also it might not help, but still, try to clean up Shader cache by deleting ShaderCache.bin in
C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\IO Interactive\HITMAN3.
Another one. Try to update your BIOS.

About week or two ago my Windows has updated itself from 1803 to 20H2 without my permission, but still everything is okay by far.
My GPU is GTX 1060 6GB


I use Fullscreen Mode, not Exclusive.
Thx for the info, will look into it.

Oh I forgot to say it is an intermittent issue. Its working fine now after running H3 for a few hours.
I think it happens more often if its a freshly launched game.