Aluminium Briefcase Unlock Criteria

I was wondering exactly if there is any unlock criteria for this? because I have both Hitman GOTY and Hitman 2 Gold. I got all the other legacy stuff, including the performance coin but not the briefcase. Just wondering if there was something else I missing. Do i have to do Hitman (2016) mission in hitman 2? or what?

Platform is Steam… So it should recognise it easily…

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Have you installed the legacy pack? I got mine as soon as I’d installed this.


I have the exact same problem, I don’t have it but I have everything else. I’ve been contacting WB for help but so far nothing. But it’s clearly just a bug. The pictures below are proof that the normal unlock method doesn’t work for everyone. I’m hoping they fix it soon.


Wait. Is aluminium briefcase is a part of gold edition? I have complete H1 also.

Yep, same here on PS4. Have everything else, except aluminum travel briefcase. Honestly, I didn’t even know about it until I saw a thread about it. Ignorance was bliss…now I want my damn briefcase, lol.

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Nope available to anyone who had season 1, whether you have standard, silver or gold edition

@ExSheex have you installed the legacy pack?

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They need to fix this. Make it DLC so we can actually download it without it being a roulette wheel chance item whether you get it or not? Not sure what the best solution is, but they need to think of something.

Oh have GOTY so I did the GOTY legacy pack that gives you the access to the Patient Zero content and the other 3 suits (clown, raven and cowboy). I don’t remember if there was an option to download the regular legacy pack as well or not. If there is, I’ll try that when I get home on Saturday and report my findings as to whether doing that gets the briefcase to show up or not.

Naa that wont be necessary you can only download 1 version of the legacy pack as far as im aware and you should of received it with the GOTY version.

You should of definitely received it, should of popped up with the coin/suit/requiem pack following installation.

@Travis_IOI may be able to help.


I have both the requiem pack and the black winter suit… just not aluminium travel briefcase, i also have everything installed



not too much bothered by it because I don’t care about aluminium reskin

I actually really like the aluminium reskin when I’m not wearing a suit.

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Do you mean 47 in undies?
Is it possible?

Had this problem too, I recieved the black winter suit along the requiem pack but no briefcase.

No Briefcase and no Exclusive Target coin either. What gives?

How about logging in both games with an IOI account? Perhaps the briefcase unlock depends on this.

I tried this but didnt seem to do anything. No briefcase :frowning:

when did you start playing the h6 elusive targets?

I need to correct myself. I have Aluminium briefcase in my inventory. Was just ignorant and thought I didn’t received it.

Oh crap I just realized Im playing HITMAN 2 on a new account. No wonder my Coin didnt carry over. Also Where is my Briefcase? I got the Requiem suit but no aluminum case.